New Windows 10 computer won't install CCleaner....
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I can't get it to install on my brand new Dell Windows 10 beast!

I have a brand new high-end Dell gaming machine running Windows 10. I also like that I can use CCleaner to truly delete/erase files so the future dictatorship or teen children don't pry. When I download CCleander now, it will run the installer, or at least start it, then it just disappears. I've looked all over the net for a solution. Now, I would be happy with any trustworthy product that does the same thing.
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It's not likely, but it's possible that your anti-virus software is killing it. I would try disabling the anti-virus app and then trying to reinstall. Also, I assume that you've already tried rebooting the machine. If not, it's worth a try.
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If you haven't tried it yet, right-click on CCleaner and then click on Run as Administrator (even if you're already logged in to an admin account), rather than double-clicking it, and see if that works.
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ccCleaner is probably the problem. Avast purchased it last year. Since then they released a version with a virus, one that collected user data, and one that installed Avast without user permission. I say probably, because Win 10 has long since proven that every update comes with enough bugs that it seem Microsoft is letting users do the testing they used to do.

The solution is to use a recent portable version. Portable versions aren't installed. You extract or unzip it, double click on the EXE and it runs without being tied into Windows.

Why avoid ccCleaner by an author who's been writing and publishing about Windows since 1998.

Download ccCleaner Portable v5.58
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