Did it start with a butterfly?
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I was listening to WFMU a few years ago and I heard this insane fake news report type thing. A reporter in a helicopter is covering a car crash that slowly builds and builds until it becomes apocalyptic (possibly there's an alien attack). He stays perfectly calm through the whole thing.
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Sounds cool!
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Did you email ken at wfmu?
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There was a dj on WFMU who did a couple of those things, I remember when flight 587 ( I think) crashed in Queens there was a fake news report from the bay and the DJ was supposedly in a rowboat reporting on the types of wreckage he was finding floating in the water.

WFMU is doing their fundraiser now, why don't you call them or e-mail them?
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Did you have a question?
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That reminds me of a comic, I can't remember who it was, doing Harry Carey as he deapans the distant nuclear blasts and mushroom clouds of the apocolypse while continue to narrate the baseball action.
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Best answer: Sounds like Joe Frank's "Eye in the Sky" episode from his series Somewhere Out There.
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Response by poster: extrabox, that's it! thank you so much!
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