I Once Had a Pair of Flowing, Loose, Silky, Bohemian Pants - Need Name
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I had a pair of really nice and very loose Boho/Gypsy/Hippie cocktail/lounging pants/trousers (for women) in a paisley print of browns. The material was man-made but felt like silk. You could bunch up the entire pair and it would be the size of a medium sized orange. Or less. The material was ribbed. I think that's key. Tiny folds. The waist was elastic. Very, very light-weight.

I don't know the name for the material, the manufacturer or the style of this kind of free-flowing and stretchy material. Can you help me find the material and or a similar pair?
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Adding only that the material had tiny pleats.
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I can’t find the pants themselves... but if the material is like this, only silky, the word you’re looking for that might help in your search is “micropleated.”
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It sounds a lot like the pants version of a broomstick skirt, if that gets you any closer.
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From your description I'm thinking something like Issey Miyake's pleats please collection/pants?
Quite upscale prices, but maybe you had a cheaper replica version with a print? Perhaps a good key word for you to search in any case?
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Something like these except in a print? I'd call them pleated culottes. They were all over a few years ago and Zara and H&M have a few models in the current collection.
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Searching for "micro-pleated paisley palazzo pants" brought up these, but I can't tell from the photo if there are actually micro-pleats.
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Sometimes these are called “harem pants” in addition to the things above. Seconding Issey Miyake as a designer who uses the type of fabric you’re describing—I’ve had good luck finding IM stuff secondhand on Etsy.
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I wonder if you should add/replae the word(s) crinkle/crepe to your search?
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Was the material a knit or jersey? In any case you might look at travel clothing which is designed to be squished up and then released without much wrinkling.
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Yessss I don't know about the micropleating vs crepe but that's probably a viscose/rayon (same thing)! Great silk substitute.
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Another name for that type of fabric is "plissé" (it's the French word but it gets used in fashion-y contexts sometimes) - it might be another good term to use in google searches.
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Maybe something like this?
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I'm thinking palazzo pants.
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Try "travel knit" as a search term. I'm pretty sure I know the sort of material you mean and it really was like tiny ribs, not really pleats. It was a feature of the fabric rather than the garment construction.

Also it didn't wrinkle and could be wadded up tiny and just shake out.
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Agreed with trying "palazzo pants." They're made in all kinds of materials and patterns. Some will be pleated, some won't be. Some will be solids, some will be patterned.
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These These These caught my eye the other day! This site is so much fun. It has a little of everything.
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Thanks everyone. Am still looking for something similar to what I had. With your help I'm making some progress - yay. Have to have my comfortable. soft, micro-pleated, plisse, rayon, paisley, palazzo, wide-legged, stretchy and flowing, full-length and awesome, lounge trousers. If you see them, drop me a MM. :)
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Anthropologie has some really nice choices.
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Since the question seems pretty well answered, and you may not have known this, I wanted to also mention that "Gypsy" is a slur, and it'd be a good idea to avoid using it or be extremely careful in doing so.
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I know these pants, I had a bunch of those pants!

Like THESE, except not leopard-print?
Or maybe these but not striped?
Or like these except not floral?

Asos has a bunch that could maybe work for you.
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