help me realize (the name of this video)
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so i used to have this video file. i used it for test footage all the time. it was something like 45 minutes long maybe? here's what i remember: it was some kind of older documentary about indigenous/aboriginal people in a celebration of some sort. i believe it may have been a famous or important sort of file. perhaps because this special celebration they were having... maybe it have never been filmed before or something? And i recall them all wearing the same kind/color of red-orange (maybe) cloth. they start out kind of sitting in a circle outside, lots of trees around. eventually they are up and dancing and singing. i really wish i remembered more.

here's the rub: the version i had someone had put the flaming lips over the top of it. i recall it being a thing (like not just buddy made it for me, i think there were websites and blog posts and yada yada file sharing etc). this is what i am looking for. but knowing the name of the documentary is key.
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I have no idea why I remember this but it was the documentary film Baraka mashed up with At War with the Mystics, called "At War with Baraka." You're welcome.
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Yup. That's the one. I had "bar---" but couldn't get it dislodged. Thanks!!!
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