What company/service can do a deep clean of an NYC apartment?
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Can you recommend a company to do a deep clean of an apartment in Brooklyn, NYC? Our primary concern is pet smells, but we need a full and thorough apartment cleaning. Thanks!
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I haven't used them, but I read about Up and Go recently in an article about cooperative ownership and technology and I've been meaning to check them out.
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We recently used Si Se Puede! (https://wecandoit.coop/), and the cleaner they sent did a spectacular job at a very reasonable price. Things to keep in mind - they require that you provide some basic cleaning supplies (a mop, a bucket, etc.), and the first clean can take a long time. We actually had to cut our cleaning appointment short as we didn't have eight hours to dedicate to it! That's not to say they are slow, just extremely thorough. We had a great experience and will use them again.
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Yes, I use Si Se Puede as well.
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