Father’s Day Opt-Out (Weekend Trip Suggestions)
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My dad died this past January and I’ve been doing okay, but the thought of Father’s Day next Sunday feels daunting. I don’t want to sit home and wallow and a conveniently timed business trip has me considering a short trip instead. But where to go?

I’ll start in Southern California anytime after 5 on Friday and I need to be in Chicago by Tuesday evening. I’ve got a plane ticket I can change. I love a good road trip, but I don’t care for camping. I have some money set aside for travel, so I could do hotels, and activities that require payment, but what?

I’ve been all over the Midwest, West, and PNW. I kinda go somewhere new. Should I fly to Maine for the weekend? A beach house somewhere on the East Coast? Is there a National Park that isn’t full and would have accommodations for a non-camper such as myself? I like spas, cliche American road trip experiences, and grieving in a way that isn’t sitting on my couch binge-watching Netflix through tears.
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What if you fly into New Orleans? Spend a day or two in the Big Easy, then drive north to Chicago? Take a day in Memphis, then a long day of driving and you're in Chicago. You could even veer over to St. Louis if you want another city in your road trip. If you don't wan to drive, there's an Amtrak that goes from New Orleans to Chicago as well.
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On the SoCal end: I just got home from a weekend in Lake Arrowhead, and I think it's still a little bit shoulder season because Friday afternoon/Sunday midday traffic was not at all bad in Crestline/Lake Gregory, Silverwood Lake, Blue Jay, or Lake Arrowhead Village. The weather's springy, you can still see smidges of snow on the highest peaks, there's lots of good walking and birding and stargazing and other nature-observing to be had. There's all kinds of airbnb/vrbo options in that area (plus Twin Peaks and Big Bear areas), all of it less than 3 hours from LA or San Diego. (Note: a route that avoids I-15 is preferable, because traffic is bad there all day every day. We go around the back of the mountains via Littlerock/Pearblossom, but we live on the north side of LA.)
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What about taking Amtrak up the coast to Seattle, then flying to Chicago from Seattle? I've done it the other direction and it's a wonderful ride. It could very well be full of families though so skip if you'd feel lonesome on your own.
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Sympathy, has been 13 years here and I still hate & avoid Fathers Day.

Agree with NOLA to Chicago, and I love the Seattle - LA train so seconding those. Also add: would you consider the Empire Builder or Sunset from LA/SF to Chicago? I did it as far as Den ver and loved it
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