Putting together a king size bed bought 2 years ago w/out instructions
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I bought a king bed 2 years ago. We finally got a mattress and boxspring and put it together. After all is said and done there are four long pieces that don't have a home and head/foot board are a bit wobbly as a result.

My wife and I put the whole thing together without instructions. The frame (bottom of bed) is strong and all fit together. It looks basically like this underneath (this is not the exact frame but you get the idea) It is solid.

The prob is the head and foot board. They are loose because they are secured by one bolt on each post. Pics are here. You can see the frame bolted in on one of the two holes on the post. I know they are mostly decorative but it's really bugging me! All hardware that came with bed has been used.

The main question: there are four long pieces (78 and 82 inches long) that don't seem to have a home. There is no extra hardware to affix them, and even if we did have the hardware where would they go? They have holes/notches on each end. You'll see they aren't flat, so I don't think they lay on top of the frame like slats. I think they must support the head and foot board somehow. There just doesn't seem to be an obvious place for them but they definitely go on the bed.

When I bought the bed (from someone on Craigslist, not retail) I sat on it and inspected it and everything was extremely solid. I supervised them undoing it and so I know there are no missing pieces. I have no recollection about these four pieces. Pretty sure these pieces are the key to the head and foot board not wobbling. Any idea where they go? I can't find the bed online because I have no idea what the name of it is. It's supposedly Pottery Barn.
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I'm having trouble picturing the whole frame, but is it possible they go crosswise (like, not at 90 degree angles to other pieces) to brace something?
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What is the length and width of the bed? That might tell you where the pieces have to go, even if you can't see it right now.
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Would they fit diagonally across, attaching with the other fixtures in each corner?
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If the head/foot are wobbly because there is only one screw on each leg, wouldn't you need bracing on the sides holding the head to the foot underneath?

If the legs were tied together at the bottoms on all four sides, or tied diagonally, it shouldn't wobble.
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BlueHorse, total breakthrough moment and just figured it out. The four pieces interlock and fasten onto the second hole on the post and I'm like dancing with joy. It's the little things!
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Now you can go jump on the bed.
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