Greek Dressing
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I am trying to duplicate a greek salad dressing that my Mom loves. I have found many variations but haven't yet gotten it just right! So, I'm asking for any and all recipes / suggestions that the hive may have.

The dressing in question is kind of medium brown, and about the same consistency as Good Seasons Italian.
The recipes I've tried have a bunch of ingredients in common, with the variations using Dijon / Feta or not...
Anyway, I'm determined to duplicate this, so thanks in advance for your help!
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Best answer: I use the recipe that comes with Penzey's Greek seasoning.

It doesn't have Dijon, but the seasoning does have marjoram. Maybe try adding marjoram to your recipes?

I might try adding a little Dijon.
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I make Ina Garten's Greek salad. People love the dressing and it's very classic tasting Greek dressing. It reminds me of something you would get on a greek salad in a pizza parlor. It's pretty generic and does have dijon.
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Best answer: Can you clarify what you feel is missing in the versions that you've tried? Classic "Greek salad dressing" type vinaigrettes are usually simple enough that the real difference-maker is the quality of the ingredients that you're using, in my experience. Good olive oil, of course -- and not the very grassy, very assertively-flavoured extra virgin stuff. That will overpower the dressing. Save it for your bread and go with something more neutral, potentially even just a virgin. Plus a clean and not over-harsh/over-sour red wine vinegar. And only fresh lemon juice! Even the type of dried oregano you use can make a difference -- there are different varieties, with different flavour profiles.

If you want something a little thicker, as you describe, you might try this version, which is thickened with a bit of yogurt alongside the feta.
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Response by poster: I've marked two as 'best answers' so far, since they each suggested something I hadn't tried.
I hadn't tried yogurt yet, since I hate it, but after reading the recipe that halation provided, I'm willing to bet that it provides the extra emulcification ...

Any other suggestions are more than welcome!
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I like to make my "greek-ish" dressing with a spicy brown mustard (vs Dijon). I use Kosciusko brand, which is my favorite. Mustard plus red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, plenty of dried oregano, and salt and pepper. This ends up thick, spiced but not spicy, and slightly mouth-puckering which is great against the creamy feta.
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