Florence, South Carolina for a few hours
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I’m visiting family in Florence, SC and staying in a hotel nearish to the Civic Center. I don’t drive and rarely travel alone so I’m a tiny bit anxious about being trapped in a strange place when I’m used to being able to walk or hop on a train and do whatever I want.

What are some good options to eat or do for a solo traveler? Will I be able to uber easily and safely to get around? I didn’t see any options to schedule rides ahead of time. I’m flying in an out of Myrtle Beach and will be getting a ride but wanted a backup plan. Yelp and Trip Advisor weren’t extremely helpful. It’s also going to be rainy for the duration of my stay so indoors recommendations are appreciated.
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Before a trip, I often call my hotel to ask these questions.
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Florence has Uber but honestly there isn't much to do there. I went down for my brothers wedding and even with a car I spent time in my hotel room because there isn't any urban exploring to be done, it's just crappy suburban scrawl.
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