I'm looking for necklaces.
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Can you help me find some new women's necklaces, for myself? I like the idea of buying from small designers (on etsy?) to support them. I'd like them to end below my collarbone and to work well with v-necked t-shirts. They need to actually be nickle-free, not just "I don't think there's any nickle in them," as I am ridiculously sensitive.

Nothing with anything stamped on them. I'm shopping in the US. I'm middle-aged, casual, outdoorsy, not really sure what I'm looking for, just aware that my current necklaces are awkwardly out-of-date.
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I absolutely love Thicket. The jeweler makes almost all of her pieces by casting natural objects (thorns, seed pods, acorns) in metal and they’re fantastic. Got some earrings and a necklace from her that I love! Link!
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Holly Yashi jewelry is nickel-free.
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Matthew.Works does pieces in titanium and sterling silver.
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I've been loving my purchases from Maison Miru. All their pieces are nickel-free as stated in their jewelry care page. Their jewelry is on the minimalist side, and look very classic (easy to pair with t-shirts). My style tends to be pretty no-frills and I find these work well for me.
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Oh and my local jewelry boutique Marisa Mason (why do all these jewelers sound the same) has a huge following here. Similar minimalistic / timeless style, and good for everyday wearing.
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The blog All Things Paper does regular round-ups of paper jewelry. Not all of these are exclusively paper and they might not have nickel-free findings (chains, clasps, etc) but many of the artists are doing truly beautiful work in a medium that should work for you. And chains and clasps can (often) be switched out if you like a particular pendant but can't wear the chain.
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My sister makes raku ceramic necklaces and sells them on etsy, though she is based in France.
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I love Mimi + Marge. They work in sterling silver (no nickel), 24 k gold/gold vermeil (plating) and rose gold (gold/copper alloy). Their necklaces are delicate and pretty. I have this one and i really like where it sits—it’s perfect with v-necks.
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You might already be aware if you're ridiculously sensitive, but sterling silver (especially in the US) is not *necessarily* nickel-free. Always make sure to ask.
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Pillar of Salt makes lovely copper-wire-wrapped pendants with your choice of chain length.
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My wife has a nickel sensitivity, and for years I've bought stuff from her from Simply Whispers, which is specifically hypoallergenic jewelry. It's not quite a little etsy store, but (at least historically) has been a relatively small business (local to me, in MA), and they've got a lot of fun stuff.
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I know a number of middle-aged, casual, outdoorsy women (myself included) who wear jewelry from Tarma Designs. I can't speak to their nickle content, but I do have an allergy-prone friend who wears their stuff, so it might be worth checking out.
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