What is the name of this movie, if it exists?
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Please help me track down/name/verify my sanity on a movie I remember seeing on TV as a kid.

I apologize in advance for the half-rememberences and blanks unfilled, but my dim memories of this film still stick with me today.

-An American Film (though seen on Armed Forces Network television. Could be a tv movie, or feature film. It showed in the middle of the day.)

-Seen in early-to-mid 80's (though the film might be earlier; it was in color)

-As memory serves, the plot was:

Preacher is in the wilderness (desert?) dying of thirst/exposure, having been exiled for some reason. Is saved by the townsfolk of a village that take him into their own and takes up the position of preacher within the town.

I recall there being lovely young girl, a mute, who the preacher heals with the 'power of the Lord'. I believe he falls in love with her.

The end, however, is a Wickerman-ish twist, in which the townsfolk are demons (Satanists?). His romantic interest was faking and part of the whole plan. The scene that sticks with me is all of them looking down upon him in a circle, as flames flicker in the night, their faces switching from human to demonic. I recalls some chanting was involved. I believe at that point the movie ends with a general sense that evil has beaten good.

Is this too vague? Tell me I'm not crazy and that someone else might have seen this as well.
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I don't know, but a couple months ago there was a FPP about a site devoted to helping people figure out the names of movies based on their plot.

So if no one here can help, try:


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Best answer: Black Noon? From the link:

BLACK NOON-Very hard to find and very unusual/EERIE made for TV movie about a preacher and his wife who break down in the desert and are rescued by a town full of devil worshippers in the old west. The minister and his wife come under the spell of the cult and the preacher especially comes to like a deaf-mute woman named “Deliverance”. But the holy couple finds out soon enough what’s behind all the weirdness. Stars Roy Thinnes, Ray Milland, Gloria Grahame, Leif Garrett and Henry Silva among others.
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Here's the IMDB description too.
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There are definitely strong similarities between this and Whistle Down the Wind. The IMDB summary is pretty much useless, and since I know the story has also been a book and an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, it could've been remade into another movie as well.
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Response by poster: I'd have to say Black Noon *has* to be it, based on the descriptions listed. You killed two birds with one stone, too, since I know know where to track it down. That site looks grey market at best, but what can you do?
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