San Juan, PR Honeymoon in August
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My fiance & I are considering San Juan, PR for a honeymoon in August. We're wondering if the first week of August is a good time to go weather-wise. Also, what about hurricane damage? I understand it's not completely recovered, but is it safe or advisable to go? More below...

We're also not really beach people. We'll plan on a day at the beach, but would love to explore historical and cultural things. Also, is there any sort of Lyft/Uber or reliable public transportation (again, hurricane damage), because if we don't have to, we'd rather not rent a car. Basically, is it a terrible idea to go to San Juan, PR the beginning of August, considering weather, previous hurricane damage and us not being complete beach people? I've done some research on all of the above, but would like to get concrete information from people who have recently traveled there or have concrete knowledge. Thank you in advance for your help!
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Definitely don't worry about hurricane damage. There is significant construction going on in the tourist areas, but the island is open for business and needs your patronage. The only places where you'd have to worry about it are places I would avoid as a tourist. The weather doesn't vary much, hot and rainy year round like anywhere in the Caribbean. Obviously there's a risk of hurricanes, but there's also not a lot you can do other than avoiding the whole region June-October, or going to one of the Aruba / Bonaire / Curacao islands, but there isn't as much to do there.

San Juan has quite a bit culturally, with the forts, colonial old town, museums, and art. I like it a lot, though a whole week there with only one day spent beaching might be stretching it, and we tend to stay put rather than move around. There's great hiking, and of course the bioluminescent bay kayaking, if active non-beach items are up your alley. There is Uber (no Lyft, at least as of a few months ago), and it basically works about the same, but not as well, as the mainland. My favorite things to visit are the Arecibo Observatory, El Yunque Rainforest, and the "bio bays", and those would be a lot more expensive if you had to Uber. But if you're willing to stick to the greater San Juan area a rental car is a bad idea. You do have to take a real taxi from the airport.
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I was in San Juan in March and it's business as usual there. No worries about lingering effects from the hurricane. There is a lot to do in San Juan but I think you'd want to get out of the city at least one day if you aren't into lounging on the beach. Taxis / Uber are convenient around town but rent a car for any road trips out of the city. Driving in PR is no worse than driving around any major US city.

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In San Juan go to Carli's Fine Dining for a Mohito. Trust me on this. (Carli was the organist for the Beach boys through the 70s and early 80s.)
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It is going to be hot. The sun will be bright. have sunscreen, bug spray, and bottled water with you at all times.
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