What is the origin and significance of furry dice?
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What is the origin and significance of furry dice (or fuzzy dice), which some motorists hang from their rear-view mirror?
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I don't think they have any cultural significance. They were a popular 50s fad, and now they're kitschy. Here's what Wikipedia has to say.
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alt.folklore.urban posters have beat this one to death. Here's the most on-point and factual comment of a longish thread, including one of two references which can still be Googled. Who knew they dated back to the late 40's?
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In the UK they're associated with the stereotypical 'Essex Man' who drove a Ford Cortina or Ford Escort (which used to be made in Essex) with furry dice hanging from the mirror, and with an anti-glare strip across the top of the windshield that had the names of the Essex Man and Essex Girl in the driver's and passenger's seat. (And the names were always really 'naff' names like 'Wayne and Tracey' or 'Darren & Sharon').

Essex man has now moved on.
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What I grind my molars at is the pair of 8 balls some hang from their mirror. Not clear on the concept! I mean, you generally need *two* dice, but...
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Thanks for the input, guys.
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