Where do I put this audio file?
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I have an audio file. I want to upload it somewhere, then make a QR code that people can scan on their mobile devices to get to it and play it.

In an ideal universe, the audio file would autoplay. (If that's impossible, oh well, a play button will do.) This needs to work on iOS / Android / whatever else.

It would also be very helpful if I could replace the uploaded file without the URL changing. (But worst case, I can just embed a player in a webpage and then change the embed...)

My instinct would be to just shove the thing on SoundCloud and call it a day, but I've never done this before, so I started wondering if there were alternatives I didn't know.

Requirement: free or super cheap.
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Creating a qr-code of a soundcloud link using https://www.qr-code-generator.com/ appears - on my phone at least - to do most of what you wanted
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I belong to a hobby that involves sharing sound clips. Vocaroo is what the kids are using these days.

Very easy to upload and then click share to get an embed link for your website. As for qr code generator I've had easy success with this website but there are dozens.
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You could take advantage of Amazon's AWS "free-tier" for and host your file(s) for free (unless the file is insanely popular) for one year on S3. You can make it public and as others have said, use one of the many free tools available to create a qr code from the file's URL. Easy + free.
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I'm on such recordings attached to buildings, and I always check the validity when I'm in town. If you're not at a seriously massive scale, AWS is very cheap for this kind of hosting, and you can set up a logical naming scheme and domain name so that you can keep the same URL if you decide to move off. If you keep everything as static files, you can host them anywhere for minimal cost and still have a functioning solution.

You can set up an audio player on a web page pretty easily, and for maximum compatibility I would recommend a big play button on there (browsers are already starting to block autoplaying audio, and I would expect that trend to continue if this is hosted for a while).

So, costs: domain name, which doesn't have to be human-friendly and expensive. Hosting and bandwidth for however many megs of audio and html you have.

Skill level: if a few of the terms above make sense, you could have a stab at it yourself.
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a hobby that involves sharing sound clips I am really really curious.
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I am really really curious.

Shortwave Radio listening
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