why is it so hard to find a good wool cardigan?
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I LOVE the Jackie cardigan in wool from J. Crew and have several colors, but they're getting a little old and J. Crew doesn't seem to make it any longer. Where do you find your good, basic wool cardigans?
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Uniqlo. Their merino wool cardigans are durable and a great 3-season weight. Price is very fair, too
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The Gap has Merino wool cardigans with some regularity. Both pullover and button-down. I love them.
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I love the merino cardigans at the Gap too. They only last a couple of seasons for me, though, since they tend to get holes in the arms and don't always come with extra darning thread.

If you're willing to branch out into cashmere, Boden has some nice stuff too (buy it from the sale section if you can).
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I also get the ones from the Gap. They’ve gotten a little bit thinner in recent years but still pretty good quality that hold up well and don’t pill; generally a good range of colors. Just keep an eye out as they always have sales of 40% off.
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J Crew still sells wool cardigans, just not the Jackie (which is usually sold in cotton). The everyday cashmere from them is fine. If that's too pricey, the Uniqlo'll do you.
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Seconding the Uniqlo merino cardigans. I have two, one dark grey and one navy, and I wear them all the time from September to April. They're durable (I hand wash mine), soft, and well-fitting. My only complaint is the limited colour range.
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Third Uniqlo. Stock up.
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Search on eBay and Etsy and stock up.
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Uniqlo for my last couple, but definitely check previous questions on the subject (also). I got some great suggestions on one I asked a while back.
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