do you recognize this clothing brand label?
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I found a dress I LOVED in a thrift store a while back, but alas, it was the wrong size. The label shows a tri-color rainbow (pale green, light blue, bright pink) and doesn't have any words on it and I haven't had luck with any search terms. Do you know who made this dress? Pic link below the cut.

I've tried every variation of rainbow label clothing brand search keys and so far, nothing.
It may be a UK brand given that it starts with a UK size.

Pics here
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Look on the side seam for another tag, sometimes the brand will be listed on that instead. Cute dress!
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Just letting you know I tried to help. I did a reverse image search on your dress picture as well as the tag itself, but I couldn’t find anything that matched. Google thinks that rainbow tag is a beanie *eyeroll*

Sorry! Good luck!
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Oh, I just realized you probably didn't buy that dress. Depending on how much you love it..this actually wouldn't be too hard of a thing to have custom made. If you search for 'black background floral print' you could buy some yardage (I did a quick search and found a few similar prints) and have a local seamstress make one up for you that would fit perfectly :)
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I don’t recognize the label, but it looks like a style you could find on ModCloth or ASOS. You might try looking on those sites for similar styles. Colectif and Lindy Bop are two UK brands that have similar vintage inspired shapes with fun prints, although I don’t think that label is from those brands specifically.

For identifying brandless items I usually look for a tag with an RN number, which you can use to look up the company that manufactured the item on the FTC website. This won’t always turn up the specific brand but it an usually at least narrow it down. For example, looking up RN #125149 gives you “Arcadia Group.” If you google Arcadia Group, you’ll see that they’re a UK company that owns brands like Topshop and Miss Selfridge.
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Label Resource has pictures of many different clothing labels sorted by name. This label might not be in there but depending on how much time you want to devote to this you could check.
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brittanyq has it; that is a ModCloth dress, according to this posting at Poshmark for a similar dress that has been sold. Good luck!
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Sorry, I forgot to mention that if you scroll down you see the full listing, and the photos include an image of the same label.
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You might have better luck posting this on the femalefashionadvice sub on Reddit-- they have a very extensive and knowledgeable readership.
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