Books or research on School "Fiefdom?"
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Jumping off from the "My 13-year-old Joined The Alt-Right" FPP, looking for research or publications that focuses on how schools or school systems become their own little "kingdoms," with little regard for due process, etc.

The harassment accusation part of the "13yo in the Alt-Right" FPP had me thinking about how a public or private school or school system can quickly become it's own walled-off kingdom, in which the administration can easily become the dictator of the school or system, with little oversight and draconian rules and regulations that appear insane to those from without, but completely justifiable to those within. I was curious if there has been any research or publications as to the why/how this happens and (hopefully) how to combat it...
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I can't think of any articles at the moment, but the US has a long history of little autonomous one-room schoolhouses dotting the landscape, with children walking to school two miles in the snow, etc. It was only in the 1950s or so when real consolidation began. They've always been their own kingdoms.
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Charter schools might be an example of this type of thing. There are numerous reports on extreme disciplinary policies. Here is one example. Here is another. There are more if you google around.
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There's a This American Life episode which chronicles what happens when a school maintenance man decides to use his power for evil.
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