Please Help Me Find the Very Best Strange, Trippy Short Films and Videos
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For several years I've been collecting strange, odd, weird, trippy videos and short films. But I have this feeling that I'm missing some good ones recently. Here's the difficult part: they have to be outstanding. I know that "outstanding" is highly subjective (and so are "strange" and "trippy" et al). But I trust your good taste. Also, I have lots of time to watch videos, so if you're sitting on something amazing, feel free to ignore my overly-pedantic criteria and post it.

What I'd like is content where:
  • You saw it months ago, but you still pull it up and watch it occasionally.
  • You shared it with your friends (and you rarely do that).
  • It's visually compelling,
  • It has high production values,
  • It contains some kind of narrative or story - even if it's not completely obvious what that story is,
  • It's strange or weird or tripped-out or otherwise unusual.
  • And it's less than 20 minutes long.
Below is a partial list of videos in my 'collection', in hopes that examples will make up for my less-than-azure-sky-clear criteria above. Possible triggers are contained within square brackets [].

Amon Tobin - Esther’s [stalking] | PostPanic Pictures - Sundays [WTF] | Unity - Book of the Dead Trailer [WTF, cat scare] | Purity Ring - Begin Again [nipple glimpse, violence] | Massive Attack and Young Father’s - Voodoo in my Blood [alien mind-rape, modern dance] | David OReilly - The External World [just plain NSFW] | Cyriak - Malfunction [WTF] | Adult Swim - Unedited Footage of a Bear [drugs, violence, insanity] | Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart [spooky, dead bodies] | A Holiday News Report from the Horrifying Future [rated B] | Matthew Wilcock - Brittle Metal Press [alcohol, sensuality] | Ray Sullivan - Good Business [guns, violence, lobsters] | Benni Benassi - No Matter What You Do [sexual tension, drugs, underwear] | alt-j - Deadcrush [dead people] | Robert Seidel - _grau [inspired by automobile accident] | The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra [drugs, insanity, death]

Note the lack of videos that are just glamour shots or CGI set to music; tying Simon Lebon to a windmill and dunking him repeatedly was fun back in the 80's, but it isn't really 'story'.
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Felix Colgrave, SOURCE, if you like that you’d probably like his solo animation work too.
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Maybe Tango.
You may have heard of it, as it won The Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1983. It was shown to a small animation class I took in the 90s. Not sure if it's exactly what you're after, but worth a shot.
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I'll see if I can come up with individual videos later, but you definitely want to see if you can get in contact with the people who run Collide-O-Scope, it's a Seattle regular event night which is basically exactly this. If you're up for putting some money into this, they sell DVDs.
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It's not scary-weird, but I return regularly to this video of a hexapod dance competition. It's... peculiar and very, uh... niche.
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Don Hertzfeldt, "Everything Will Be OK" and sequels now collected as It's Such a Beautiful Day

Kunio Katō, "The Diary of Tortov Roddle"
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This is by no means exhaustive, but some short films off the top of my head that might work for you.

- Jan Švankmajer - Food
- Brothers Quay - Street of Crocodiles (this is actually 21 minutes so not quite in your requirements.)
- Bertrand Mandico - Living Still Life
- Matt Reynolds - Hot Dog Hands
- Don Hertzfeldt - World of Tomorrow
- Robert Morgan - Bobby Yeah

These ones might not have enough narrative for you, but otherwise fit the bill.

- Peter Tscherkassky - Outer Space
- Georges Schwizgebel - The Ravishing of Frank N. Stein
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The Lost Thing, after Shaun Tan's book of the same name.
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I hope this fits, at least the trippy part. It's in Armenian, so put on the subtitles.
*as seen on metafilter ling ago*
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The Errant Garment Bag (stumbles)

(Shemp Howard surrealist short (1950), lost film, Three Stooges)
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Like Pictures***CONTAINS FLASHING IMAGES*** Laurie Anderson/Brian Eno Begins slowly, look at full screen.
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The Insect's Christmas This film was made in 1913 and it a really amazing stop motion work with insects. Six minutes.
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Quasi at the Quackadero (some info.)
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don herzfeldt, rejected
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Crater Face Trippy, weird, [bitter]sweet story, just under 5 minutes.
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Du Levande, Roy Andersson, Opening Scene This is five minutes of a feature, but all of his works are surreal vignettes with different characters.
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Forbidden Zone (1980) is a feature length film. Any scene from it, out of context, works.
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Powers of Ten, 1977, 9 minutes. 'A Film Dealing With The Relative Size of Things In The Universe And The Effect Of Adding Another Zero,' it's the first thing I think of when asked for a trippy short film. Narrativewise, I guess it's the story of a picnic!
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Un Chien Andalou - it doesn’t get trippier than Salvador Dali.
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Are you only looking for newer ones? Because the ones I like are older.

- Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up [violence, nudity and weird, trick ending]
- DJ Snake, Lil Jon - Turn Down for What [mind control sexuality, violence, sleepwalking, tv humping, and that woman from Mr. Robot getting freaky]
- MSTRKRFT - Easy Love [messy, very messy]
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I think you will like Isabella Rossellini in 'Green Porno' - which is about animal reproduction.
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I've plugged several times The Fine Art of Goofing Off. While the actual episodes are about half hour each, they are comprised of short vignettes mostly less than few minutes long. The vignettes easily stand on their own.

Bits and pieces, or whole episodes are available for viewing on the usual internet video sites. This show has a distinct early 70s vibe to them, mostly animated-ish, with strange visuals and audio that sounds found or very dryly tongue in cheek.
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Ah, Turn Down for What reminds me! Interesting Ball, Previously!
Also previously, Input/Output
Little Big's music videos probably also fit the bill, earlier ones like AK-47 are a bit rougher but Hateful Love is definitely in this oeuvre.
Carpenter Brut also does a bunch of stuff in this vein, Turbo Killer most notably (getting a sequel even), and very definitely Hairspray Hurricane (BTW, much of this is very NSFW, to be clear)
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Artheme Swallows His Clarinet (1912)
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This is like my favorite thing - I'm going to be checking out all these links!
Here's a few from my own collection - all animated, but in a variety of different styles. I also find that trawling vimeo's staff picks is a great source for these kinds of videos.

The Eagleman Stag
Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying
C2C - Delta
Everything I Can See From Here
Cuushe - Airy Me [gore]
Cat Soup (runs 30 minutes which is longer than your cutoff but it's quite beautiful and strange)
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I feel like every music video by Chris Cunningham fits these parameters.
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It's probably the finest animated short film I've ever seen. Mesmerizing visual style, impeccable music and sound design, rich and well-timed comedy without a word of dialogue, and a plot that's just narrative enough to be compelling while still dancing on the edge of the surreal dreams that are usually seen in one-man animator Felix Colgrave's other work. Even the credits are worthwhile.

It was so good that I not only evangelized it to everyone I know, but I bought an art print for it, and not only did I return to it over and over again, but I kept tabs on Colgrave's blog for a flat year waiting for him to release the behind-the-scenes soundtrack (worth it!). It's that good.
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Vitalic - Stamina
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Bjork - Triumph of a Heart
Mai Lan - Technique
KENZO World directed by Spike Jonze
St. Vincent - Cheerleader
Also by The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatry
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Next Floor - a short film by Denis Villeneuve
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TRISTES DÉSERTS – A Robot´s Tale, by Stephanie Winter. Starring August Schram, feat. Austrian Apparel. (This is my favorite but you may enjoy other videos on August Schram's youtube channel. Some are NSFW.)
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Cyriak's Meow Mix.
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This is a terrible print, but Peter Sellers & Dick Lester's “The Running, Jumping and Standing Still Film” (1959, 11 minutes) is some very surreal slapstick.

The NFB's early output tends to the weird: try animations by Norman McLaren (earlier works such as Hen Hop) or Ryan Larkin (especially Street Musique).

Cyriak's been mentioned several times already, but how about: cows & cows & cows, Welcome to Kitty City and (perhaps my absolutely favourite) Cycles; or music videos like Bonobo : Cirrus and Flying Lotus • ‘Putty Boy Strut’?
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The Meaning Of Life by Don Hertzfeldt is one I go back to time and again.

Also Rachel McLean. Especially Over The Rainbow and Eyes to Me.

For super-short trippiness there’s - not all of it is brilliant but the format makes it fun to skip for gems.
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone! I had no idea how deeply disturbed all of you are!

I’m not going to mark anything with “best answer” because so many of these hit the spot in their own idiosyncratic way. But a special thanks to Redhush for the Armenian fish story - I remember it from long ago.

I’ll be referring to this list for weeks, so don’t stop!
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DYE “Fantasy” Official Video by JEREMIE PERIN -- animated music video, where a teen pool party gets ... weird [NSFW]

Stromae - "ta fête" -- becoming an adult = dystopian battle (mildly weird)

Jan Kounen - "Gisele Kerozene" -- crazy stop-motion broom chase
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Oh I'm pleased I finally get to answer something!

Follow the Sun, looks like they lost their custom domain since I saw it last. Huh. Well glad it still exists, anyway.

Has a horror element to it.
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Many of Delta Heavy's videos fit this bill:

Delta Heavy - Ghost (obsolete technology gets revenge(?) some NSFW imagery)
Delta Heavy - Hold Me (cutesy but extreme goryness)
Delta Heavy - Kaleidoscope (cardboard creature gets wrong idea of humanity, implied violence)

And every video of DJ QBert's Wave Twisters is a tour de force of trippy, bizarre, sometimes upsetting animation that stand on their own or as a whole.
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Gesaffelstein - PURSUIT checks every box you've laid out. That first link is NSFW. Here is the blurred version. Also on his channel, under the "Music Videos" section, check out 'Hate or Glory'.
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The Gift
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Flesh eating film reels
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Mike Mignola's Amazing Screw-On Head. A deeply weird animated pilot depicting a disembodied metal head screwed on to various mission-specific bodies investigating occult crimes in 19th-century America. [Werewolves, chimpanzee with machine gun, Mr. Groin].
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Spurt by Cool 3D World
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Zodiac Shit -- Flying Lotus

Sun Lips -- Black Moth Super Rainbow
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I still have vivid memories of The Backwater Gospel, years later. Same with The Cat Piano and Out of a Forest.
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