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I'm looking for murder mystery/crime-of-the-week TV shows that aren't focused on traditional police and detectives.

Shows like Psych, Veronica Mars, Murder She Wrote, Rosemary & Thyme, and Medium are good examples. (Yes, some of them work with the police quite frequently, but they aren't cops themselves.)

No period shows please. The show can be older, but it should be set around the same time it was filmed. (I love Miss Marple and Father Brown, but they don't fit on this list)
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I imagine Monk fits the bill.

House, perhaps, except it's diseases, not murders.
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Anything listed under the Cozy Mystery trope page might work.
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Da Vinci’s Inquest: he’s a coroner, and the whole show is delightfully Canadian and millennial Vancouver.
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Jonathan Creek is lots of fun. The main characters are an investigative journalist and a man who designs illusions for magicians.
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In the Heat of the Night, the Dukes of Hazzard, the Six Million Dollar Man, the Bionic Woman, Charlie's Angels, Columbo, help I'm stuck in the 70s and 80s
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Magnum PI
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“Death in Paradise” is totally in the vein of Monk and Psych in that it’s relative goofy/light given the subject matter.
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Seconding Monk.
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Lucifer. The Devil works as a civilian consultant for the LAPD
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Shakespeare and Hathaway - it’s on Britbox right now. One of the creators is a writer on Father Brown.
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Annika Bengtzon follows a crime reporter for a newspaper as she pursues investigations.
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I haven't actually seen Castle, but it's about a crime writer who teams up with a cop to solve crimes - it would seem to fit the bill perfectly.

More generally, to help your search, check out this list of "cop/not-a-cop" shows, or look around the search term "wunza" (coined by Roger Ebert to refer to movies/shows where "one's a x and one's a opposite-of-x.") These categories won't cover every show of the type you're looking for, but they will cover a lot of them.
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Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). It's a pair of detectives, except Hopkirk is a ghost who only Randall can see.
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Grantchester on Masterpiece Theatre is about an Anglican priest who, with his cop buddy, solves crimes. Season 4 starts this summer, but I'd start at the beginning. It's darker than the shows you reference, and a period piece. Seconding House if you like medical mysteries.

For more lighthearted shows like the ones you suggested, I'm nthing Monk. In fact, this thread is making me miss Monk and Psych all over again. Although I haven't seen it, Bored to Death seems like it would fit your bill. The description from might fit:

After a bad breakup, writer Jonathan Ames (Jason Schwartzman) decides to post on Craigslist about moonlighting as a private detective. When people actually hire him, he somehow uses techniques from detective novels to help solve various crimes. Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson also star in the three-season series, and Jenny Slate and Kristen Wiig frequently guest star. With a cast this stacked with comedians, it’s no wonder that the show is one of the best funny mysteries out there.
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Agatha Raisin may work for you! Available via Acorn TV which has literally all of the cozy mysteries, basically.
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You might like the short run show Safe starring concerned dad Michael C Hall and his terrible British accent. Accent aside, I enjoyed the show a lot. It's on Netflix.
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Pie In The Sky features Richard Griffiths as a semi-retired detective and chef. He's technically a cop, but would very much prefer not to be.
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Speaking of Pie, there's Pushing Daisies. It's about a Pie Maker who has the power to touch a dead thing and bring it back to life for up to 60 seconds with no further consequences. A second touch returns the dead thing back to death forever. The Pie Maker befriends a Private Investigator. Only 2 seasons.

Other thing that might match but not yet mentioned; Burn Notice. Ex-CIA, burned spy. Each season has plot arc that's slowly spun out, with each episode has a case of the week. However, while the case of the week might have twist, it's not mystery. Case's are usually friend of a friend of a friend has problems that the police/fbi can't/won't help with. Blackmail, fraud, theft, assault, etc... 7 seasons.
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The Littlest Hobo.
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Leverage is a lot of fun


2nd'ing Burn Notice
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George Gently
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Rockford Files!
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"Mr. & Mrs. Murder" is an Australian show about a couple who run a crime-scene cleaning service and find clues the police missed.

"Person of Interest" is really a long-form story about government surveillance and powerful AI, but it uses a case-of-the-week format (vigilantes protecting people from "ordinary" crimes that the secret national-security computer predicts before they happen, but ignores as "irrelevant" to its anti-terrorist mission) to satisfy the network TV suits, with the ongoing storyline in the background.

Also, seconding "Lucifer" which is surprisingly good given the premise. "Castle" and "Leverage" are also good (although I didn't finish either of them to the end). "House" is also good, but a) medicine not crime, and b) the "toxic asshole who still knows better than everyone else" shtick hasn't exactly aged well... (Lucifer has this issue at times too, but the way exposure to humanity affects him and realigns his attitudes is a key part of the story, whereas House is largely an unrepentant jerk.)
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Scarecrow and Mrs. King fits your description.
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Campion is a really fun series. In it "Albert Campion" is the pseudonym of a clearly well-off, possibly aristocratic man, equally comfortable among the upper and lower classes of early 20th century Britain, who proves to be an extremely resourceful and funny detective. (He's played by Peter Davison, one of the 80s Doctors Who.) [Sorry, didn't see the "filmed when it was set" requirement until after I hit send.]

It's been years since I had Netflix, but it was on there at the time. (I agree with everyone recommending Monk, also.)
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I haven't seen Harrow mentioned yet. It might be a little too conventional for what you're looking for, but it's good. The protagonist is a medical examiner. Produced and set in Australia. Lots of twists. One season. It is NOT in the CSI realm; it's more like Forever, Ioan Gruffudd's OTHER medical examiner show. The shtick with that one is the protagonist can't die (he gets reanimated naked in the Hudson each time) which he uses to solve crimes. It's only okay, but I enjoyed it. It *is* notable for one of the greatest related actors-playing-different-ages pairings of all time: David Krumholtz and Judd Hirsch.
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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix.

On edit, sorry this is definitely a period piece. Sorry.
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Thirding Monk. (So sweet, chill and relaxing)
Strange Luck (good luck finding it)
Pushing Daisies
Burn Notice
Sherlock (UK)
The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (this is amazing)
Lie To Me
Remington Steele
Simon & Simon
Limitless (I haven't seen the series, liked the movie)
Life (good luck finding this as well)
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Father Dowling Mysteries, starring Tom Bosley and Tracy Nelson. Father Dowling (Bosley) and his associate Sister Steve (Nelson) worked independently, solving mysteries in late 80s Chicago. They had a smooth relationship with the police, but worked independently.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Moonlighting. Bruce Willis and Cyblll Shepard and the Blue Moon Detective Agency. Mmmm, David and Maddie...
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Since you list Veronica Mars as an example, you've probably tried iZombie, but it's so on target I figured it's worth mentioning anyhow.
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- Dicte: Crime Reporter is good.
- Borgen isn't a police drama as such but is one of the most addictive thrillers I've watched in recent years and I think you'd like it.
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CW is airing a show now called "In The Dark" about a blind girl who's trying to investigate the disappearance of a teenaged friend of hers. Now that's pretty different...
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NUMB3RS - A mathematician works with the FBI to solve crimes.

Blue Collar - A (mostly) reformed art thief works with the FBI (and sometimes behind their back) to solve crimes.
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White Collar--a ... not exactly reformed... con artist works with the government (and sometimes behind their back) to solve crimes.
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Seconding Death in Paradise, Mr and Mrs Murder, and recommending ITV's Midsomer Murders.

We're currently on The Brokenwood Mysteries but that's a little less humorous then the others, but still very cozy.
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This link also lists more 'cozy mysteries' than the trope page above.
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I like Limitless, but in the series, the main dude, Finch, is an unwilling consultant for the FBI, because they're his only source for the cognition-enhancing drug AZT, while he's the only person they know who can tolerate long-term use of AZT (for reasons we the audience know, but the FBI does not). So it's arguable whether this is a fit.

I guess it's about as much a fit as White Collar, in which a con-man serves in a similar capacity for the FBI.

2009's Reaper is about a 21-year-old goof-off who learns the hard way that his parents sold his soul to the devil (played by Ray Wise-- perfect), so he has to work as a bounty hunter, rounding up souls on earth who had escaped from hell. Does that sound strangely familiar? Because 1998's Brimstone had the same premise, more or less, though the bounty hunter was a recently dead NYPD cop (Peter Horton and John Glover as the cop and the devil, respectively). So he knows cop stuff, but he's definitely off the force.
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Hinterland is awesome, it is on Netflix.
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This may be a stretch, but Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Definitely seconding Lucifer, and I like the idea to include Supernatural (and might add Buffy too if solving crimes == figuring out what monster ate/killed/is plotting to sacrifice someone).
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Since it haven't seen it listed yet, I may be off my grokkin', but Night stalker was sort of journalistic/investigative, proto x files, non traditional.
Note: I too am stuck in the 70's
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Limitless was SO GREAT. Seriously, I wish that had caught on, it was brilliant and so much better than the movie.
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Some great suggestions, thank you so much! I'm marking the ones I haven't seen yet and fit the brief as best answers, but thank you to everyone who answered, I'm going to have a lot of TV to watch.
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Private Eyes!

It's on Ion TV, and Canadian TV. It has a whiff of Remington Steele, with a PI teaming up with a former hockey star. Some episodes are a bit corny, but what really floats my boat is the utter charm and chemistry between all the characters. Police action is extremely minimal. Definitely a dramedy, with Moonlighting undertones and a bouquet of Castle. There have been two (too short) seasons thus far; Ion is repeating the second season right now. It shows in Canada first, I'm not sure about the status of season 3.
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