NON-skinny jeans for a short woman with a curvy/hourglass shape
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It is SO hard to find jeans that fit me. I am a short hourglass -- a size 4 or 6 (about a 26"-27" waist size), with relatively large thighs (and calves). I've had good luck with, randomly, Jennifer Lopez jeans -- and I have some Kensie skinny jeans that fit pretty well, too, but I do not want more skinny jeans. I'd prefer to spend less than $100, but more is OK.
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Madewell varies in price, mostly over $100, but all of their jeans styles fit me TTS, and I have thick thighs relative to the rest of my figure.

Levi’s Wedgie jeans also sometimes work (and they’re cheaper) (and not as uncomfortable as they sound).
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I recently got a relatively decent pair of petite bootcut jeans at Christopher and Banks. The 'Classic Fit' is more relaxed in the hip and thigh. They do have a lot of elastic in the fabric so I suggest sizing down. I honestly wish I'd sized 2 down. They're nothing earth shattering. But they're pretty cheap and there's no dreaded gap at the back.
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I'm very pear shaped and on the edge of petite height. Though I'm a few sizes larger. Here were some suggestions from my ask, though I was looking for skinny jeans, the brands recommended carry various cuts and styles.
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Oops, I forgot to add that I am looking for bootcut/flare only -- no cropped/ankle, no straight-leg, and, as I mentioned, no skinny. (Thanks for the suggestions so far!)
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Old Navy "curvy" bootcut comes in petite and fits my larger thighs and calves well.
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Have you tried the curvy fit at LOFT? It comes in petite bootcut styles.
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I am also petite and curvy. I have had good luck with Eddie Bauer.
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You can order one-off boxes and make special requests from Stitch Fix. I ordered a one off, and requested all jeans and left lots of comments about what trouble I have. They all fit, I kept my two favourites, and I didn't have to go in a store. Both pairs were under $100. Totally recommend.
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Madewell curvy petite is probably what you want, though they go out of stock very fast. I've had good luck getting them on Poshmark though.
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Seconding Old Navy. They have a few different fits, and each one comes in an assortment of styles, including boot cut. You want the jeans they store folded in wall bins, rather than anything that’s part of a display.

I’ve also had occasional good luck finding jeans at H&M, and people always ask me where I got them.
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TORRID is what you want. They offer all sorts of cuts and they offer SHORT LENGTH which is game-changer. Short and Extra-Short in fact. Here is a link to their bootcut offerings.

Aaaack on re-read I see you're too small for Torrid. But for the future of people reading this, if you're a size 10 or larger. Torrid is your place.
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We're twinsies. I'm a weightlifter and have thick thighs, small waist and I'm short. I also have a short waist, so the new high waist jeans are literally up to my armpits. It's worth noting if high rise is a good look for you, because most jeans today have an 8 inch or higher rise and it can look super weird on us short hourglass gals.

I love J Brand straight leg or bootcut jeans. Lucky Brand has a shorter rise and lots of stretch. Gap used to make lower rise bootcuts that if you can find floating around the internet -- those are amazing.

Madewell will fit, but the rise is improbably high, if that bothers you.
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I should add that I need a six-inch rise -- that's about the right height to make my legs look long and not overemphasize my thighs. Six inches sits about an inch below my bellybutton.
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Old Navy. They have different jeans for different shapes - I use their "Rockstar" jeggings because I am oddly shaped and they go on like a glove.
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I'm happy with the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda line of jeans/pants, which are designed for curvy figures, come in short/tall/regular, available at lots of retailers, and are budget-priced. I like their bootcut jeans. Costco carries this brand for ridiculously cheap online, but being Costco, the styles and colors they offer change all the time, so you have to keep checking to see what they're currently offering. Otherwise, check Amazon or your preferred retailer.
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Thanks, all! Lots to try.
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Similar size to you and I've found that American Eagle jeans are highly customizable (fit, waist, length, rise)
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Mrs. TheCoug has a couple pairs by Freddie's of Pinewood that she loves.
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