Wireless headphone solution for watching tv
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We have a TCL Roku TV with a dumb remote (no voice command). Our old Roku had a remote that you could plug headphones into (and we use that old Roku in another room). According to TCL and Roku, one cannot buy a remote with the headphone jack for this TV. Thus, we think we need some sort of set up whereby we can use headphones (wireless) to watch TV after kid bedtime. We'd also like voice command. We have a Google streaming device plugged into the TV, but don't want to use that for our primary interface.

If it matters, we use the Google streaming device for access to YouTube and music that doesn't have parental blocks on it.
And we prefer the Roku interface for TV watching.
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If you have a smartphone, download the roku app. You can then use your phone as both a roku remote, or to listen to your tv through headphones connected to your phone. I’m not 100% sure this works with roku tv, but worth a try. An extra benefit to this is you can use Bluetooth headphones for truly wireless listening. Alternately I’d just buy a standalone roku unit, they still have models with remotes with headphone jacks.

An Apple TV will let you play audio directly to AirPods, but that’s kind of pricey.
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I should add - we also have kids that need to watch with headphones and I don't want them on devices to do so. One screen is enough.
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Your TV should let you hook up Bluetooth headphones. You'll probably need the Roku app for voice commands.
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We have a Sony TMR-RF985R. It has a small stand which plugs into the TV audio out, connects wirelessly to the headset, and recharges the headset when not in use. It was about $100. No voice command, though. HTH
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No personal experience, but I know Wirecutter has a page for this specific topic: The Best Wireless TV Headphones

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you could buy a roku with the remote you want and plug it into your TV, bypassing the built in roku app.
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While it won't help with your voice commands, we use a Sennheiser setup (the previous model to the Wirecutter list's top pick). Works great, very comfortable full over-ear headphones, multiple sets of headphones work fine. We bought a second pair when our baby was born and it's the only way we watch TV together nowadays.
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I have a TCL Roku TV and can confirm that I can use the Android app with headphones. The Roku site suggests that up to 4 devices can be connected to a Roku TV or box for private listening.

No voice commands though. Edit: I think I just haven't tried this. Website says its a thing.
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