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I'm on day 6 of going to the gym (yay me!) I'm trying to build a habit. I've been watching Queer Eye on Netflix during my 20 minutes elliptical (eventually I'll do longer and more varied gym things) Any good shows (Netflix is easy, or YouTube, even Amazon prime probably...) that are 'on brand' like - you are fabulous/self esteem boosting.
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If you don’t mind vegan content and a weight loss emphasis, I really liked Unsupersize Me, available on Amazon Prime.
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This might not seem like it fits, but my first thought was Nailed It (on Netflix). Nicole and Jacques are so kind and supportive to these terrible, terrible bakers.
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Great British Bake-off? Maybe not if you are dieting at the same time.
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I immediately thought of Nailed It too, for the same reasons already articulated.
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Not sure if you're into it, but Netflix has a couple Crossfit documentaries that always want to make me climb mountains when I watched them! They would be really inspiring to work out while watching I think.
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The Barkley Marathons is on Prime. It is about an insane race that most people don’t even finish. I’m not a runner, but I loved it.
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Netflix has this garden show called something like small spaces, big ideas starring a dude named Monty, who is apparently a superstar in Britain, who comes and looks at your back yard (sorry, back garden) and helps you achieve your dream landscaping project in it. It's nice because Monty wears rumpled linen Roald Dahl-looking outfits and the gardeners love him. They always have some deep emotional craving that can only be soothed through planting a bunch of shit in their yard and Monty helps them do it and everybody's charming and constantly making tea. When I finished Queer Eye, I struggled for a while and then I lucked into that and it's scratching the itch.
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(Big Dreams, Small Spaces)
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Free Solo is a recent movie about an unusual guy, Alex Honnert, with a peculiar goal, free-climbing (without ropes or other aid) El Capitan, a 3000-foot rock face; a task that is both technically challenging, and in which a fall after the first 10 minutes of the climb or so would be fatal.

Honnert is dedicated and goal-oriented, but also has a kind of focus that most of us don't have -- one which kind of harms his social life because it comes off as a flat affect in a lot of ways. So he has other goals, like keeping his eager but annoyed girlfriend and sustaining other social relationships. But in the last 25 minutes of the 96-minute movie, his makes his ascent, and while it's edge-of-your-seat for the audience, it's absolutely uplifting at the end. You'll want to watch the final climb in one session, and you'll want to have a good grip on your handrails.
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There's an excellent documentary series on Netflix called Losers about athletes who lose, but really win in the end. It's pretty inspiring and covers athletes in sports like boxing, Iditorad, figure skating, soccer, golf, etc. The episodes are fairly short, around 30 minutes or so. I found it very interesting even with sports I don't know anything about like golf and curling.
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You could try RuPaul's Drag Race! I just blew through all ten seasons while breastfeeding my daughter.
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There are probably some not-quite-healthy themes going on, but I was inspired by Strong on Netflix.

Brene Brown has a something on Netflix, and I freaking love her. I haven't watched it yet, so I don't know for sure it's what you're after, but she's generally uplifting and awesome.

If you're down with network specific sites, Worst Cooks in America is hugely inspiring. Foodnetwork.com has it, but Hulu does, too.
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I am so pumped. Thanks all, much to look forward to.
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