How to Quick Pay?
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I'm moving Monday, and my new landlord uses Quick Pay to accept rent payments. Cool! I don't need to write checks! But... how do I pay her? She says all I need is her email address. Does anyone here use this Quick Pay? What do I have to do to be able to pay her? Do I need a special account?

(I googled Quick Pay and came up with both this, which seems to be only Europe, and this , which is through Chase bank and I THINK is the one she's talking about. I'm in Arizona. Do y'all concur?)
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So it looks like Quickpay is a backend thing that has some confusing branding agreements with banks, so there’s suddenly Quickpay with Zelle. Does your bank have Zelle? That’s the actual person-to-person transfer product. I THINK your landlord may be using weird language and being confusing, because it’s confusing. If you’d like to DM me and let me know who your bank is, I might be able to offer more specific help.
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She did say it worked with Zelle! That's probably it. So, that's something I set up through my bank?
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My landlord also uses Chase Quick Pay. It's super awesome if you are also a Chase bank customer. If, like me, you are not then you have to use Zelle.

Please note that with Zelle you can not schedule payments which stinks so you have to remember to send it each month. I also found that it takes ~3 days to show up on my landlord's end (but left my bank account immediately). I try to send it a few days before the end of the month so he gets it nearish the 1st.

Some banks have an agreement with/partner with Zelle, so if I want to pay it from my Capital One checking I use the "pay with Zelle" button on my bank account website but if I want to pay from my Schwab account (who are not on Zelle), I need to use the app and it's a bit more manual. Let me know if you have any questions as I've been dealing with the quirks of Quick Pay/Zelle for more than 5 years.
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I called my bank and they do have a pay with Zelle option. It's super simple to get set up. Thanks for giving me a starting place, chesty_a_arthur. And thanks for the tips, Bunglegirl!
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Just be VERY VERY CAREFUL with that first payment. Zelle does not have great protections if you send money to the wrong person by mistake.
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