Adventures of Wade and Henry, part one
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I want to make custom photo books (maybe through Snapfish, which I've seen recommended here) of my great nephews having adventures via Photoshop. Maybe I'd write some rhymes to go with the pictures. Riding dinosaurs, as superheroes, on a spaceship, etc. So Metafilter, what's the etc.? What else should I Photoshop some little boys doing? Any other ideas to make these the coolest presents ever would be gratefully accepted!
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Best answer: Cowboys. Under the sea. Jungle. Safari. Caves. Snow/mountains/ice. Firefighters/law enforcement/EMT. Construction. Circus. Visiting famous landmarks. Skateboarding/Snowboarding/all sorts of sports.
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Best answer: Driving a bulldozer. Flying in a hot air balloon, or by holding a bunch of balloons. On top of the Empire State Building (or Eiffel Tower, etc). Sitting on the Supreme Court. In the stands of a sporting event (or on the field). At a safari. At the Pyramids or Big Ben. Cooking in the kitchen. Standing straight like toppers on a huge cake. On a tandem bike, or motorcycles. Surfing big waves. Sliding down a rainbow. In a tent or campsite. Climbing trees. As decorations on a Christmas tree. With jet packs.
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Best answer: Kids' faces on parents' bodies and parents' faces on kids' bodies.
Kids real tiny, hiding in 20+ different places around a photo.
Kids competing in their favorite sport in the Olympics, or standing on the medal podium.
President Kid.
One kid is a surgeon, the other kid is the one getting surgery (Operation game style, no actual gore obvs).
Underwater with Nemo type fishes, or with sharks or spooky angler fish if that's more their appetite.
Playing Quidditch.
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Best answer: Driving:
-race car
-monster truck
-giant yacht or sailboat

In a scene of a movie or video game?
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Response by poster: These are amazing ideas, you guys! Thank you!
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What else should I Photoshop some little boys doing?
Helping other people (eg: holding someone's hand while crossing the road as a superhero)
Picking up their mess (eg: scooping their pet dragon poop)
Listening to their brother's woes (eg: lost all his limbs in while lion taming)
Sharing a windfall (eg: handing out gold from the end of a rainbow
Being kind can be an adventure...
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When my little guy was a lot younger, he had a pretty impressive babysitter...
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