Big dance numbers of the last two decades
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Can anyone think of movies with awesome dance scenes in them, made in the last twenty years?

I feel like all the dance scenes I know are pre-millennial, mainly from older musicals. I'm not super knowledgeable about up-to-date movie musicals, but in particular I'd like to have a catalogue of examples of recent dance scenes in movies, from musicals or non-musicals. This Askme thread from a couple years ago had a lot of great examples but most of them are at least a couple decades old. So give me your 21st-century epic dance moments! Thanks for any suggestions!
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Cell Block Tango from Chicago (2002)
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Enchanted with Amy Adams is from 2007. The scene in the park came to mind immediately.
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Some good candidates are La La Land and Chicago.
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Zatoichi (座頭市) 2003
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The 2007 remake of Hairspray comes to mind right away.
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There was s pretty huge sing and dance at the end of Slumdog Millionaire.
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'La La Land' opening freeway scene is pretty impressive.

(The rest is fun, they're not quite Ginger & Fred level, but nobody is)
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All of "Chicago"!
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Maybe not stylistically what you are looking for, but the Step Up movies have some great dancing!
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The end of Slumdog Millionaire has a pretty amazing dance scene when the credits are about to roll.
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There’s a great dance scene in Isn’t it Romantic, which came out just this year!
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(500) Days of Summer, which is particularly notable for having a dance number but not being a musical.
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The Muppets (2011) opens with a great dance number.
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It's hurting me, but seconding Step Up, especially the sequels. Mostly because John Chu (of Crazy Rich Asians) directs, and he knows how to direct visually rich choreography . League of Extraordinary Dancers, also his, is cool to check out too, but a web series instead of a movie.

Matter of fact, the 2000s were like a renaissance of street dance movies that were cheesy and problematic, but had great dance sequences. If that style is in your scope, see also Stomp the Yard, Save the Last Dance, and Take the Lead.

If you want the opposite (great movies with dance numbers that are memorable for their less than stellar dancing) the endings of Silver Linings Playbook, Little Miss Sunshine, and Napoleon Dynamite are fun to watch.
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There are a million of them in Moulin Rouge, which is one of my all-time favorite films.
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it's mentioned in the linked thread, but just to remention it here -- I'm fond of "Ain't No Dames" from Hail Caesar as a naked homage to musicals of old.

I haven't gotten around to watching the new Fosse & Vernon bioseries, but knowing that it's on air now prompts to also name check All That Jazz, which is a little outside of your "two decades" scope but is still great, and should have credit for a lot of modern musical choreography. Specifically, I love the opening and this duet.

I am also a big fan of the Step Up series. The first one is more endearing just as a romance between breakdance and ballet, which is a bit gimmicky and has relatively modest choreography outside of that gimmick; whereas I have watched the Step Up 2 Finale an unreasonable number of times just because it's a fun breakdance movie. And there's also the Channing Tatum cameo in 2 that involves breakdancing with trampolines because why not.

And just for the Channing Tatum trifecta - Magic Mike XXL Mirror Dance duet
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Mama Mia 1 and 2.

The Greatest Showman watch for the barman in the Ohter Side and From Now On

And from a non-musical, Intouchable as the staid crowd joins the irresistible dancer.
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No love for Magic Mike XXL?

No, no, it's fine, I'll show myself out.
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Bollywood movies have plenty of these! I have a preference for the ones featuring more traditional Indian dance, so here are some from the past couple decades. I haven't been watching too many Bollywood movies lately, so this is a fairly limited selection, but I do love me a good, extravagantly staged Bollywood dance number.

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a great source for lush, beautiful dance scenes: Ghoomar from Padmaavat (bonus dancing with fire!), Pinga and Mohe Rang Do Laal from Bajirao Mastani, Lahu Munh Lag Gaya from Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela (this movie is an extremely Not Good adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, HOWEVER, this one scene is an excellent re-imagination of Romeo and Juliet's kiss in Act I), Dola re Dola from Devdas.

There's also Bole Chudiyan from that melodramatic classic Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Aaaja Nachle from the movie of the same name, Dhoom Taana from Om Shanti Om (this one's a sly and delightful trip through like forty years of Bollywood dance history), and Bismil from Haider (an adaptation of Hamlet, so this scene is actually an adaptation of the staging of The Murder of Gonzago that was supposed to reveal Claudius's guilt or innocence).
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We're all in this together - High School Musical
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Let's not forget the big dance number in Ted 2.
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Dancer In The Dark but don't watch the rest of it.
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The big finale in Anybody Can Dance is phenomenal.
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more Channing Tatum - No Dames from the Coens' Hail, Caesar! Pure ode to classic movie-making dance numbers.
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Adding this because it's unexpected... There's a huge dance scene at the end of The 40 Year Old Virgin.
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Shall We Dance is a lukewarm 2004 American remake of a stunningly beautiful Japanese movie of the same name from 1996, about a man in a depressing rut who gains a new lease on life through ballroom dancing.
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Let's not forget the big dance number in Ted 2.

Ah yes, Seth McFarlane does like his dance numbers. He put one in A Million Ways to Die In The West as well.
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Not a movie, but tv show Glee is all about big song & dance numbers. “Singin’ in the Rain/Umbrella”, Season 2, Episode 7, is over the top.
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Lagaan has some amazing dance numbers.
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There's a dance scene in Silver Linings Playbook.
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Okay one more... (they keep coming to me): Napoleon Dynamite.
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Come to think of it, almost any Austen adaptation is going to have at least one gorgeous ballroom scene. I seem to recall liking the one in the 2009 Emma.
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Oooh, dueling Darcys!
The dance scene in Pride and Prejudice, 1995, Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.
The dance scene in Pride and Prejudice, 2005, Matthew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley.
A different dance scene in Bride and Prejudice, 2004, Aishwarya Rai dancing and Martin Henderson looking on.
Aaaand... this is as close as it gets in the end credits of Austenland, 2013, J.J. Field and Keri Russell.
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If you're liking the Indian movie dances, let me add a couple from Singh is Bliing: Cinema Dekke Mamma and Dil Kare Chu Che (which comes with its own English translator!) and, what the heck, here's the promo videosong for the movie too.
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Ella Enchanted ends with a big dance number, and there's other random singing and dancing throughout.
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I know you asked for movies and that's not what this is, but honestly, lots of the dance numbers in the TV show Smash were fantastic. Apologies if TV shows are out of bounds.
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