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I'm likely to be researching options for a new domain registrar soon. This would be for a relatively large organization. A few specific features follow that would be nice to have:

Is there a domain registrar that offers access to an account by multiple logins with different roles or access restrictions?

Is there a domain registrar that offers MFA on logins?

Is there a domain registrar that will issue an old-school invoice to an organization (as an alternative to just using a credit card for payments)?

Lots of online recommendations are aimed at small-scale or first-time users. I'm thinking about something more corporate.
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My very large DevOps department at work uses Route 53, which is part of Amazon’s AWS ecosystem. That’s probably as corporate as you can get.
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Some large corporations use Mark Monitor for domain registration and brand protection.
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I don't know anyone* who doesn't use gandi.

(Or anyone nerdy/geeky/techie I guess?)
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I suspect most recognizable domain registrar's will have all of those features, though they may not make them available for everyone. If you're going to be dropping significant cash, it's worth calling a sales rep to check. For instance, my company couldn't do traditional invoicing with Facebook until we hit a certain spending threshold.

I once worked with a large client and we had a domain problem. The CTO emailed "platinumvip@[]", and it was magically solved minutes later. Platinum VIP isn't something the registrar advertised, but I guess the client had spent enough to get exactly the features and treatment they wanted.
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