How to find this wild-looking Donnie Yen film?
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Does anyone have an idea where I might be able to buy or stream or download 1985's Mismatched Couples, which based on the trailer is a ridiculous and joyful mix of martial arts and hip hop starring a very young Donnie Yen?
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Best answer: theoretically, if you can't find a legal source for a movie like this, a combination of ublock and a simple duckduckgo search will quickly find you what you want, something like "watch mismatched couples film online,"as long as you're not uncomfortable streaming off of quasi-legal off shore sites. theoretically, of course.
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Best answer: Do you live near a Chinatown? I got some sweet Jet Li movies on DVD that way, comparable vintage and provenance. But this only works if you have physical access. Looks like a sweet movie I love Donnie Yen, especially wielding a quarter staff/bo.
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Best answer: Looks like this was released on VCD and DVD in 2007 and 2008 and quickly went out of print. I'm not really a torrent maven, but I don't see copies of it online, either. You might have luck on a HK movies tracker, but it does seem like it's pretty hard to find.

Even a completed-items search on eBay only turns up one copy, on VCD (so distinctly sub-DVD picture quality), which sold for $23 on Saturday.

Going to rando streaming sites that you find through duckduckgo searches sounds like a great way to load your computer with malware to me, but maybe I'm just overly cautious about that stuff.
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