TV recommendations for escapist binge watching: Netflix/Prime edition
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I don't know how to describe this genre, but: Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, The Originals, kind of those mini-soaps that take place with no self awareness. Ridiculously expensive sets way out of people's budgets, Big Epic Loves, insane plot points that don't make sense in the real world. I am having a terrible week/month/year and need some mindless relaxation.

Bonus extra points for big dramatic romantic journeys that take like three seasons or more to complete.

Minus 1000 points for the "awesome, together woman loves lovable loser dude and then they end up together as she just learns to relax."

please send me your ships.
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Riverdale, Revenge, THE OC
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Shonda Rhimes shows might fit? Scandal rings a bell for Big Epic Loves. How to Get Away With Murder is ridiculous. She does interesting characters with absurd plots well.
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I don't know if it's on Netflix, but Younger might fit the bill. The Arrangement might also be worth some of your time.
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"You" on Netflix fits the bill!
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Oh, I also recently binged all of True Blood to scratch a similar itch for ridiculousness (edit: sorry, I missed your Netflix/Prime specification)
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Being Erica! It’s like chick lit with a little light sci if thrown in.
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Jane the Virgin is all on Netflix except the currently airing final season! Big dramatic romantic journeys aplenty, plus lots of fun telenovla inspired subplots. It’s more self aware than most of the shows you mention and has a more specific tone, but you’ll know after one episode if it works for you.
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Jane the Virgin?
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Parenthood is less teen-y and more thoughtful but can be just as ridiculous and soapy at times (I miss it so much!)
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Oh and definitely Friday Night Lights if you haven’t seen it!
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Our family enjoys a show called Night Shift with the love you can only have for a ridiculously unrealistic drama set in an emergency room, with a staff that all have terrible boundaries and are each other lovers, ex-lovers, and future lovers. My 11yo son and I are particularly invested in the storyline of Dr. Drew Allister, who starts out as a deeply, deeply closeted military doctor, becomes a deeply, deeply closeted civilian doctor, and the ups and downs of his relationship with his lover, Captain Rick Lincoln. The actor who plays Drew, Brenden Fehr, cries really well in every way: his pre-cry face; his eyes just beginning to well up; full-on tears. Our theory is that the writers were like, "This guy is really good at crying...let's give him some reasons to cry. Lots of reasons to cry. All the reasons to cry."

Our nickname for the show is Total Drama Hospital. It's incredibly good at sucking you in, even if you are just passing through the room, because something incredibly dramatic is happening at every possible moment.

Four seasons. A good amount for binging.
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Total Drama Hospital is currently on Netflix.
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Once Upon a Time did this for me. The ?soteriology? makes no sense to me at all but the people are very pretty and sufferin' usually through their own mistakes and as I remember it the pretty flakey boyfriends usually have to Step Up.
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Oh god you want Riverdale so bad
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It doesn't meet all your criteria, but the first season of Quantico is all about super-attractive people doing really implausible things in service of an unbelievable plot, with big emotions and no self-awareness.
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Downton Abbey!
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I don't know if it's still on Netflix, I watched it last year, but Sense8 may fit the bill.
Have you tried Wynona Earp?
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The Paradise might fit the bill.
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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, if you're okay with some magic/occult/devil worshiping.
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Oh gosh yes Riverdale and Wynonna Earp.

Sense8 is also wonderful, but while it is ultimately positive and feel-good-y, there's a lot of distress and trauma on the way there that's not necessarily what I want when I want escapist binge-watching. If you're up for it now or later, though, highly recommended.
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This is my favourite genre of TV show and I think that Switched at Birth would fit this bill, as would The Fosters to . slightly lesser extent.

For reasons I don't understand it's not on Netflix anymore but 90210 (the modern CW one) would also totally be your jam, I bet. It was so bad/good.
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Legacies’ (the spin off of Originals which is the spin off of The Vampire Diaries) first season will be hitting Netflix April 5th! Kind of campy and dramatic in all the right ways (and my little sister stars, so I’m biased). Lots of fun Easter eggs if you’ve seen TVD and TO!
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I know you specified Netflix/Prime, but I still have to throw The Bold Type out there (Hulu/Freeform) just in case. It's only 20 episodes, though (10 per season, currently -- there's going to be a third season that starts shortly).

I wandered away from The 100 after not too long but I still keep meaning to go back.

The CW superhero shows (Supergirl, especially) sometimes scratch that same itch for me, but they may not work for you.

I will also add that Once Upon a Time is pretty good for this, but the last few seasons begin to drag.
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When I needed some serious escapist Netflixing, I watched the Spanish language historical soap Grand Hotel (set in early 1900s Spain). It is perfect for this. I joked that you could get whiplash because SO! MUCH! HAPPENS! in every episode. Eye candy abounds (beautiful people, opulent settings), you've got dramatic forbidden romances, there are ridiculously dastardly villains, there's weeping and gnashing of teeth and vowing to avenge loved ones' deaths/downfalls on the regular. If you can put up with such silliness, it's great.
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Teen Wolf!! So absurd, so much doomed romance, so much Stiles!!! (On Amazon Prime)
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“Always a witch” on Netflix. It’s Colombian but dubbed in English. She’s a witch! But also a time traveller! But also a college student! It’s overblown and I love it.
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I love this genre too and I gotta suggest the classic: Sex and the City.
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Good Trouble, a spin-off of The Fosters, both of which are in this genre.
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I'm going through a similar phase for similar reasons! I've recently really enjoyed Tidelands (Netflix - Australian murder mermaids), Siren (Hulu - Pacific Northwest murder mermaids), and just started Shadowhunters (Hulu - half-angel demon hunters, vampires, fairies, warlocks, etc.) I also wholeheartedly agree with Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but I definitely lean towards the more supernatural of these types of shows.
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Dexter? Scrubs? Reno 911?

These are my escape go-to's.
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N'thing Riverdale.

Also, Lucifer if having a cop show overlay on top is ok (but it's definitely ridiculous and soapy with an epic love story).

El ministerio del tiempo is legit good, but also quite soapy with a fairly strong romance arc in the first couple of seasons.
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A second vote here for Sense8. Come for the funky sci-fi premise, stay for the gorgeous global shooting locations, and revel in the inclusive-of-everyone (sometimes literally) sex.
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Lucifer is soo much fine and the sets are kind of crazy. The crime procedural aspects can be mostly ignored.
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It's a little more action-driven than romance, but when I just want to sit back and let the glossy entertainment wash over me, Burn Notice is a forever favorite and I think it's free through Prime Video.
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Dynasty (the remake)
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UnReal, with the caveat that Season 4 is really not great. It is absolute fantastic nonsense.
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The Magicians is pretty great. But _might_ be a bit too self-aware for your needs.
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Riverdale is probably all you need.
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Nashville would also fit the bill. Even if you don't much care for country music. It's good.
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