Two Camera Set-up For Web Conferences
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What is the best solution for a two camera set up in a conference room that would allow easy switching between the two cameras?

I have a meeting coming up with a mixture of virtual and in room attendees. One of the exercises may require two cameras (one focused on the room and one on a white board). We're still exploring things like virtual whiteboards, but even still it would make sense to have two cameras for training videos so that we could have one on the trainer and one acting as a document camera. We'd want an easy (remote control) way to switch between cameras on the fly.

Has anybody else solved this kind of problem ? I know the options are likely:
  1. Multiple cameras connected to multiple computers (simple, but may be difficult for one person to switch on the fly)
  2. Some kind of mixer/switcher that allows the speaker to switch between multiple cameras
  3. Both cameras plugged into a single computer with a software based switcher (may suffer from the same challenges that multiple computers would)
I'm leaning towards 2, but am open to recommendations or advice on best approaches and actual equipment to consider.
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Cisco Telepresence?
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I've used this one and LOVE it -

Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference Camera with Automatic Speaker Focus
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