Where to eat in SW/SE Portland
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I go to Portland a lot but will be visiting a neighborhood I'm less familiar with. Mostly in Sellwood-Moreland, staying in Burlingame. Visiting alone so want to keep it simple, like homey breakfast places or inexpensive sit-down international eats. Where should I go? EIther hole-in-the-wall or hipsterish is fine.
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I really like The Iron Horse in Westmoreland. It's southwestern/mexican and very homey! They have the Blue Moon special which includes a cookie.

In SW, Chez Jose is a very '90s SW/Mexican place. I love the super mild salsa there. (It's like tomato soup!)
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Oh boy!

In Sellwood, check out Jade Teahouse for great Vietnamese food and sweets (the macarons are pretty but I love the sesame balls). The Piknik Park food cart pod near New Seasons on Tacoma has some great options at varying price points. And honestly, for quick weekday lunch, the New Seasons hot bar, salad bar, and grab 'n' go options are pretty good. Bertie Lou's is your homey breakfast (and lunch) spot near Sellwood. Kind of an old Portland throwback.

There's not a lot right in the Burlingame neighborhood. Chez Jose is decent Mexian. Another good cart pod a bit north in Hillsdale. Multnomah Village is just west and has a cute little main drag with restaurants/bars. Ooh, and Spielman's bagels, which I love but my East Coast bagel snob partner calls "good for Portland."
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If you're going to be in Sellwood, I highly recommend stopping at Piece of Cake Bakery and grabbing a slice of Chantilly Chocolate Cake. 8306 SE 17th Ave, two blocks off SE Tacoma St. And I 2nd Chez Jose. The lime chicken enchiladas are amazing.
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The Muddy Rudder Pub has great stromboli and is a low-key place to have a beer and hang out.

Sellwood has a Killer Burger - I'm partial to their Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon burger but they've got a lot of good choices.
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I like PDX Sliders in Sellwood. The Hawthorne (goat cheese, strawberry preserves, bacon) burger doesn't sound like it should work, but it's good. They have a lot of other choices as well.
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Seconding Jade Bistro and Teahouse. Inexpensive, healthy, flavorful food. Nice atmosphere.
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Delta Cafe and Ottos Sausage Kitchen on SE Woodstock near 39th (Cesar Chavez).

Teote House at 1615 SE 12th Ave.
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I don’t live in Portland, so maybe take this with a grain of salt, but when I was staying in Sellwood solo a few months ago I loved: Bertie Lou’s, Tea Chai Te (it’s bigger on the inside), and Bible Club PDX.
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