Yoga apps for iPhone -- what do you use?
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Gaiam has completely changed their user model from buy-it-up-front to register-and-we'll-nag-you-to-subscribe. Now I can't access it without registering (which I think I can do for free still, but it annoys me to no end). Tell me about the yoga apps you use, even if they require registration or a subscription.

I did actually did yoga regularly with the app, even on vacation! The beginner routines really were for beginners, the workout times ranged from 10 to 30 minutes (longer for intermediate and advanced workouts), and there were a variety of workouts targeting fitness goals: back (so wonderful), flexibility, balance, strength, sun salutations. It would record workouts in the Health app, bringing much joy to my data nerd heart.

I have DVDs and know that there are You Tube videos aplenty, but I really, really want an app. Thanks!
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Downward dog is like $30 for a year, and you can generate classes between 9-90 minutes with specific focus and styles. It is machine-generated, but I have really liked the quality and found a lot of variety.
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I also use DownDog. I like that they have a desktop interface, too, so that I can watch it on a bigger screen. The free version is actually really usable, but I eventually went to the paid version and have no regrets.
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Came to recommend Down Dog. I love it so much. It has the choice of what to focus on option that you mentioned. Things I like:

Even when you pick the same settings (like 45 min intermediate with a focus on hip opening), if you do it more than once you get different poses. It mixes it up.

They have periodic sales and if you get a sale price that persists as long as you keep renewing. So I'm at $20/year.

It is actively being developed and they add new things - new voices, new options - regularly.

You can choose restorative mode if you are tired and just want to sit on the floor. There is also a sun salutation only mode.

If you send them a suggestion (I asked for chair yoga you can do at a desk) they reply and are nice about it.
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I also came to recommend Down Dog for all the reasons above.

Also, the facebook community is pretty active and the devs check in there regularly.

I am on my second year of subscription and I'm at 365+ days of consecutive yoga practice, kicked off by this app :D
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MetaFilter has spoken and the answer is DownDog! I've downloaded it and will give it a try!
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