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I love building reports and Views in Drupal. What similar services could I provide? What similar tasks do businesses need a consultant to do for them?

My consulting work is 95% building and maintaining Drupal websites. I love Drupal, and my favorite part of working with Drupal is building report-type pages and other stuff with Views.

What similar report-building and database-view wrangling would be of greatest use to potential clients?

I am especially interested in working with non-profits and businesses that do good things for the world.

I love to learn new things, so I'd love to know what tools I should try to learn. I've got some MySQL under my belt. I've glanced at Tableau, and I have some experience with Salesforce.

Any thoughts on the best way to reach potential clients who need this kind of work would be most welcome, too.


* What report-building, data-wrangling services do organizations need these days?
* What tools/software should I learn to provide that?
* Any tips on connecting with organizations who might need those skills?

Thank you!
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As someone who has been using Drupal for a while, I'd like to see interactive charts and tables. It's possible to do that already but it's a lot of hassle (and a little bit of a wasteland last time I've checked, with many abandonned modules).
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