Pre-interview podcast recommendations
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I have an interview on Thursday and four hours of solo driving for a work trip tomorrow. Can you recommend some specific relevant podcasts to make the most of that time?

Some details to help narrow down the content I’m looking for – I’ve met with the hiring manager who strongly encouraged me to apply and made it very clear he thinks I’m qualified. The Sr. HR representative has given me the advance information that their interview format is very much behavior-based. I am aware of the STAR method and am working on prepared examples for all of the sample questions I find in online resources but would like to spend this (very fortunately timed) drive to immerse myself in the interview mindset. I read Ask a Manager regularly so if there’s a specific podcast by her that you can recommend or any other ones you’ve heard and found beneficial it’d be much appreciated!
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Ask a manager’s “Tone in interviews” podcast episode is what I found helpful when preparing!
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Buttonedup beat me to it. Very valuable episode.
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