Oreos without the cream filling, please
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I like the taste of the chocolate biscuits that are the outer layers of Oreos. I do not like the filling - it is far too sweet for me, and I have to scrape it off. How do I get my hands on cookies (biscuits) that are basically Oreos without the filling?

(US / upstate NY / same problem with Jo-Jos and Newman-Os / not close to a Trader Joe's anyway / happy to order from Costco or Amazon.) Yes, this is a very random question, but I needed a dessert fix last night and I had to scrape the filling off of Oreos from my daughter's forgotten Halloween loot, and I feel like there must be a better way.)
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Famous Chocolate Wafers

These are readily available in the cookie section at my local grocery store.
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Have you tried Nabisco chocolate wafers?
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Oreo 100 Calorie Packs might work too, and be easier to source.
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If you're willing to bake, look for a knock-off Oreo recipe that calls for Dutch-process cocoa. Based on my experience (I've tried a few), these cookies taste very much like Oreos, but they are softer than store-bought.
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Restaurants can buy just giant cookie parts.
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The Famous Chocolate Wafers are EXACTLY this. They’re usually in some overlooked corner of the cookie aisle, but they’re ubiquitous.
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Ah. Ahhhh. I can't believe I didn't know this. And our Wegmans stocks it in aisle 16B. Ahhhhhhh.
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Goya Chocolate Maria cookies cost like $0.80 a sleeve and are in the right ballpark. I haven't done a direct taste test, but I expect they are less sweet than the cookie part of an Oreo.
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Goya Chocolate Marias have a much lighter chocolate flavor than Oreo outsides. Famous Chocolate Wafers are the ticket. I also suggest the seasonal Dark Chocolate flavor of Oreos if the cream is otherwise too sweet.

The Trader Joe’s Chocolate Cats Cookies for People are also pretty close but not bitter enough.
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I hear you. I hate the white stuff. I find Oreo Thins a good compromise.
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if you DO like whipped cream, they're the main ingredients of icebox cake (recipe includes vanilla, but you can use flavoring of your choice).
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Oooh! I bought some of those giant Oreos twenty years ago at the late lamented Delmonico’s grocery in Minneapolis. They only had them once because I bothered the guys for the next fifteen years asking if they had them again.

If only they didn’t come in an 18.6 lb package I’d order some today. I wonder if they’d keep in a sealed container... or how long it would take my kids to forgive me if I gave them to the grandkids.
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I scrape off and eat the cream and throw out the way-too-chocolatey cookie. Easy solution: We meet up to eat Oreos.
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By the way, those chocolate wafer cookies are the thing that you grind up to make a nice chocolate crust for certain kinds of sweet pies and cheesecakes. I have occasionally found them near the baking goods in the grocery store.
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I though that was what chocolate graham crackers were for.
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I’m not helping much, but I’m in the same boat - I pair off with a friend and make them double-stuffs out of the frosted side of two Oreos so I can get two plain cookies - but I disagree that Famous Chocolaye Wafers are a good substitute. They’re just not Oreos.

Oreo Thins are better if you don’t want to scrape or share.
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> I scrape off and eat the cream and throw out the way-too-chocolatey cookie. Easy solution: We meet up to eat Oreos.

If you're ever in upstate NY, you have an open invitation!
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