Cute après outifits ... on a budget
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Long weekend in Aspen coming up, just as I've worn out all my cute winter things. Suggestions on where to find (online or IRL) cute off the slopes outfits? I don't like too-skimpy leggings or flare legs, and won't shop at Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart owned businesses. (Sorry, Modcloth.) So, sources for good quality sweaters/sweater dresses, thicker more structured leggings, et cetera, please? I do have a cute faux leopard coat and the boot situation is in hand. Thanks!
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REI is having big sales on their winter clothing right now, which is worth checking out. (Don't let all the summer stuff fool you.) They also have a lot of sales going on in their regular clothing selection.

Something you might consider is checking out the Aspen Thrift Shop as soon you arrive. There's a lot of gems to be found in ski town thrift stores, especially one with an economic base like Aspen! (I've picked up Patagonia coats for 20-30 bucks at places like that.) If you don't fly in but drive up through Carbondale, LuLu's thrift store there is also an excellent place to find great deals.

Prepare to layer! It's starting to be that time of year when temps are all over the place and can vary wildly between day and night.
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Where do you usually buy these things? Lots of places are having sales on winter items right now. Anthropologie sweaters on sale, all the Urban Outfitter sweaters, J Crew sweaters, etc.
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Do you live near a Loft? I bet their sales racks are fully of sweaters and leggings right now.
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Just got home from okemo, and my SO who does not ski suggests LL Bean.
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Check out and Sierra Trading Post!
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Rent the Runway has some really cute winter clothes (they do regular clothes in addition to fancy dresses) and could be a good place to pick up a few things for the trip without having it take up place in your closet later on.
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