animated aardvarks?
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ok, question from my neice: help her find this movie/clip/thing

sometime in the late 90's/early 00's she saw a preview or other clip BEFORE another movie. she watched it on VHS, so it's probably a little older than that maybe early to mid 90s? no recollection of the actual movie, but this question is about the preview.

it featured an aardvark animate character. it was perhaps 2 or 3 minutes long and she remembers it in the vein of an animated full length trailer style.

the aardvark danced around to some groove music (she remembered all of this while listening to a man called adam by estelle appx at this moment)

at some point the aardvark sang, and she recalls him having a deep voice.

she's pretty sure the clip only featured him singing and dancing, probably outdoors, and it was either one scene or fluid between a few scenes, always him singing or dancing.

it's definitely not the ant and the aardvark, she sad that's too flat and 2D, and this more shaded and had more depth.

fyi, she demonstrated the dance and it is what i would ashamedly refer to as the sort of weird dad groove dancing i probably do when i think i am actually dancing.
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Possibly this preview for Hamilton Mattress?
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SIX MINUTES DAMN. she watched the first 2 milliseconds and was like THAT'S IT!!!!!

i love this place. thanks hanov3r
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adding, for what it's worth, that this is pretty much the part she recalled.
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