How to cancel a free "legacy" AOL account and all associated usernames?
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Suggestions produced by web searches no longer work (most are outdated by many years). Account management tools available when logged in no longer present a delete option.

Why Oath wants to carry dead accounts is beyond me.

(And yes, I should have killed the account years ago when I cleaned it out in anticipation of eventually ditching it, sigh.)

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Does this link work for you?
It will redirect you to a sign in page, but it may bring you back to the deletion page after that.
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@ soelo

The account deletion tool ( page ) seems to apply to paid subscription accounts. With it and on all but one attempt, I got looped into a never ending request to confirm the email address to be deleted without it actually getting deleted.

On the one exception, I managed to get through the email confirmation loop to a page with the message: "Oops. You are currently not eligible to terminate your account."

I emailed AOL / Oath customer service. Their response directed me back to the same account deletion tool.
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Have you tried calling their customer support line? A real-time conversation with an actual person might be better at addressing this than largely automated email replies. This number should work for free accounts (they specifically recommend calling it to deal with closing a deceased family member's account, which sounds like a similarly frustrating situation):

AOL Account Support
1-800-827-6364 (Mon-Fri: 8am-12am ET; Sat: 8am-10pm ET)
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