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Image editor question: I have a bunch of images and want to view different combinations of them. I've been searching high and low, but can't find any app/page/magic that does this for me. Photoshop dummy of the functions here: imgur link.

I'd like to pull in all images from a directory and present one image on the left, one on the right, and be able to switch them out to find useful combinations. I want to mark up some combinations as good ones, so a "save/cancel combination" function would be useful, as well as being able to browse just the combos afterward. (At the moment I'd settle for having to screencap combinations though…)

I think I've tried every image comparison app I could find, as well as the "compare" function in Lightroom and other DAMs, but nothing really fits the bill. I'm on OSX but can use my Win station as well. I've printed a ton of images but at this point there's too much material to be feasible irl – printed comparisons come later.

This is for a photo fanzine I'm putting together, and I imagine that this is a common enough task that image / art book editors have come up with a solution, but I haven't been able to find one…

If this is doable with some local html5 or such do punt me in the right direction – I haven't coded in ages but even I ought to be able to klutz something together if that's the only option. (If you can swing it I can offer fanzines in trade)
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The Filmstrip tab of Adobe Bridge will do this if you just want to compare files locally.
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I host this stupid random rage comic generator [potential NSFW images notice] that does something kinda close to what you're asking for, or could with a few modifications. It recombines images randomly from a pool of images in specific directories. You can check the box next to an image to keep that one while the others get randomized. It also lets you save the image combo permalink and download the image combo. If you think you might be able to reuse the code with your own images just send me a memail and I would be happy to share the PHP source code with you and perhaps even help you get it set up/modified to fit your specific needs.
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I had some time over the weekend and have been wanting to try out Electron JS. This seems like a good simple idea to start on so I put together a very rough app that does some of what you want (I think)
here's the code
and you can download a version bundled for MacOS here. If you're on Windows or Linux I think I can make a version for those platforms too but I have no way to test the result.
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I've uploaded a video of the aforementioned application in action - it's mostly keyboard commands so the video doesn't really show much of what's causing the changes you see but it should give you some idea of what to expect.
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Tomp -> holy moly, that's pretty much exactly what I'm after. Have some trouble starting the native osx app though – "can't be opened because of a problem". I'm on OSX 10.13 so maybe I'd need to update to 10.14 before running it?

Electron JS seems neat though, maybe it's time to dust of the keyboard and learn something new…

> coevals: The Bridge function is similar to what I can do in Lightroom, so I'm looking to streamline even more.

> metaphorever - that does look similar to what I'm looking for, but I'll try out tomps solution first. Thanks!
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Hepp, after installing Electron I got it to run - works like a charm! Thanks tomp!
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