Unusual AirBnB/coworking spaces in the Greater Boston area
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Are there any unusual AirBnBs or coworking spaces—along the lines of Mr Anderson’s House on Prince Edward Island—in the Greater Boston area (within Route 128/North Shore/Metrowest)?

I’m getting a big tax return and would like to make a Tiny Desk Contest entry with higher production values. I need a small room with a desk and some visual appeal that I can rent for a few hours.
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If it's for an NPR-related activity, why not check in with the folks at PRX's Podcast Garage?
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In the search results on Airbnb.com, you can click on the "More filters" button, and then scroll down to "Unique homes". Then, enable the checkboxes for the categories you're interested in. Depending on the area, you can find everything from yurts to geodesic domes to caves.
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I don't know how much it fits your "unusual" criteria, but you can check out the Out Of Office coworking space in Hudson, MA. (Gallery here)

It's a new space and the owner Richard is very open to unusual and interesting ventures to help get the word out, so I suspect you could partner with them to do something interesting.
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Evidently, American Rhino is hosting a free coworking space at their location in Faneuil Hall. I know nothing more about it than that, but it might be just what you're looking for!
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