Need business shoe with a good balance of shock absorption and firmness
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I have been wearing Rockport World Tour shoes for the past 20 years (I’m a male). Looking for a business shoes with similar mix of firmness and shock absorption in the mid sole.

I have been wearing Rockport World Tour shoes for the past 20 years (I’m a male). The shoes work well for my hypermobile feet. They have the right amount of firmness and shock absorption. I’m looking for a business shoe (something I can wear with a suit) that has similar properties. Most of the business shoes I have tried either have a spongy feel to the shoe (which doesn’t work for my hypermobile feet and ankles) or have a rock hard feel with no real shock absorption. Can anybody help me out with a suggestion for a suitable shoe?
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If you've been happy with the Rockport World Tour, how about some other Rockport dress shoes?

I wear the World Tour in black with suits, but I'm in California. Is there something you want that you don't get from the World Tour?
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These Doc Martens from the Soft Wair line are really comfortable out of the box and might work for you
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Perhaps give Ecco a try, they sole most of their men's dress shoes in a similar material to rollerbade wheels.

I really like the pair I bought the previous Christmas and the sole and full grain leather have held up fine.
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