Recommend blogs about apartment renovations, esp with little video
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My life is a giant mass of stress. One thing that soothes me is looking at apartment renovations - good, bad or indifferent; cheap or reach-for-the-guillotine. Where do I find them?

I look forward with great intensity to the space of the week in New York Magazine, even though I recognize that these "spaces" are nonsense artifacts of the 1%. I would like to be able to look at many, many more of this general type - pictures of the old apartment, pictures of the new apartment, information about the furniture, etc.

These need not be practical in any way and will never have any applicability to my life. They need not even be beautiful or tasteful. They need only show befores and afters.

I would prefer text and pictures rather than video because I hate listening to video narration and it's always super slow anyway. I'm not interested in TV shows for this reason.
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Have you seen the Apartment Therapy website? Lots of what you’re looking for there.
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Sweeten's blog has lots and lots of these. I self-soothe there frequently.
posted by minervous at 9:25 AM on February 14, 2019 [1 favorite] is perfect for this and a lovely read. It's a great mix of DIY and vintage, plus cute dogs. I love the aesthetic, too. Start with the earliest entries: he's moved out of NYC and renovates houses now, but the first couple years are centered on small and charming NYC apartments.
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Design Sponge has a nice "before and after" series. They are currently doing a roundup of their favorites.
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I too love a good reno blog. I enjoy Yellow Brick Home. Whenever they finish anything and sometimes along the way they do before and afters.

The Danville Experience
is a totally bonkers renovation on a wild scale. Posts are very infrequent but giant so you can spend a long while going through the archives.

Manhattan Nest?
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I really like Addicted 2 Decorating because the blogger, Kristi, posts often, shows interim steps, includes a lot of photos, reveals mistakes, and doesn't rely on videos. Videos, when included, duplicate the blog content and are completely unnecessary (I have similar connection issues); they're another delivery vehicle, not an essential component of the blog experience. Her blog is a nice blend of DIY construction, furniture restoration, art endeavors, and how-to advice, all written in a friendly voice that keeps everything real. Kristi's husband, Matt, uses a wheelchair and so she does everything by herself with only occasional help from her brother. You might enjoy the entries about rehabbing her condo before she moved to a single family detached dwelling.
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This Old House has been on forever, and their site is a trove. I used to see a lot of listicles from them, loved them. Try This Old House lists and buzzfeed an be a good source.
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