Where to buy good smoked salmon (nova / lox) in Washington, DC?
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I'm a huge lover of smoked salmon (aka nova aka lox*), but I've been generally disappointed with the supermarket brands I've been able to buy in DC. Are there any places you like in the District that sell particularly good stuff? Thanks for your recommendations!

* Yes, I know that "lox" actually refers to a the much saltier brined stuff, even though it's often interchangeably used to mean nova.
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In NE, Neopol Smokery in Union Market and Ivy City Smokehouse in Ivy City (Post review of the associated restaurant).
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Mr.Know-it-some has it in one.
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Should have mentioned that if you're in NW and/or want someplace convenient to the Metro, try Calvert-Woodley, which doesn't smoke its own, but does carry several different varieties that it will slice to order, and is right at the Van Ness metro stop.
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Call Your Mother is brand new and fantastic. I'm still partial to The Parkway Deli in Silver Spring, too.
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pretty sure i've seen the ivy city smokehouse smoked goods at glen's in dupont, if you don't want to trek out to ivy city.
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Parkway Deli is classic. If you're gonna have to drive anyway, Snider's Market out on Seminary also has a couple excellent kinds of lox (and a good deli counter in general and herring and knishes and decent produce) Neopol is good but a little pricey. On the far-NW DC side of things Wagshal's has good lox.

I forget if Stachowski's in Georgetown has lox, but if they do I would expect it to be excellent.
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Neopol is really, really good, though the texture isn't true nova lox (but seriously so good). If you're up for a little road trip in your quest, Attman's in Baltimore is sooooooo good.
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I second Ivy City, and the ability to procure it at Glen's. Also, if you order from Fresh Direct, they have excellent lox, sourced in NYC.
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