What are these "barrel hinges" for purse frames called really?
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What is the hinge on this tubular purse frame called outside of the purse world? Web page describes it as a "barrel hinge", but searching barrel hinge comes up with something completely different. Any chance of sourcing same or similar hinges without buying a whole bag frame--maybe with faster shipping?
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You could ask this Etsy merchant (MidwestHardwear) where they get theirs.
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Outside the purse world, they're often bigger, as barrel gate hinges. But looking for miniature barrel gate hinges turns up elbow-jointed barrel hinges, or butterfly hinges for DIY jewelry boxes. Here are "extra small" barrel gate hinges, at 2". Etsy seller 3DANsupplies has several sizes of the purse frames -- you'd have to unscrew the tubular handles to use the hinges for other projects.
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If they don't need to be identical, there are always purses at Goodwill, and at the Goodwill Outlet where stuff goes when it doesn't sell. Cheap. Re-purpose-able.
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