keyboard case for 9.7 inch ipad
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The keyboard case I've been using with my ipad (9.7", 2017; plain, not Pro) is dying. Help me find a cheap replacement.

I currently have a Zagg Rugged Messenger keyboard case for my ipad. I didn't pick it out myself (and it's not perfect), so I'm a little overwhelmed trying to pick out a replacement on a limited budget.

Things I would like, ideally:
-inexpensive (the Zagg case is $100; I want to spend maybe $50, but less is better)
-a good keyboard that's easy to type on (this is the most important thing; current Zagg keyboard has been decent)
-a hinged case (the Zagg case folds back on itself to make a stand, but something more like a laptop would be nice)
-the ability to detach the ipad from the keyboard easily (the Zagg case has that--not sure if this is incompatible with a hinged case or if someone has figured out a way to engineer that)
-can be used with the ipad in portrait orientation, not just landscape (the Zagg case attaches the ipad to the keyboard with magnets, and the magnets are placed only along the long end of the ipad, not the short end.)

I'm not sure if all these things can be found together.

Also, I've tried a few things to fix the keyboard I already have (un-pairing and re-pairing it from my ipad, making sure it's fully charged, trying to see if there's any debris stuck in the keys, updating the ipad OS) but if anyone has other ideas for how to troubleshoot or has reason to believe that three suddenly broken keys could be fixed, I'd love to hear that. (It's out of warranty.)
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That's a hard list. In particular hard is your desire to get this for $50; when I went looking for a good option, I found the sweet spot in the Logitch Slim Folio.

It's awesome because:

* GREAT keyboard
* Hinged; it covers and protects the whole ipad.
* It holds the iPad up very well for reading as well, e.g. when eating or whatever.
* I can remove the iPad pretty easily if I want to, but in practice this almost never happens
* It holds the whole affair together well enough that you can use it on your lap


* It's more than you want to spend
* You cannot adjust the angle it holds the iPad at
* There is no provision for portrait; it's a landscape-only situation, which I think is probably going to be the rule for devices that are sturdy enough / hold the iPad firmly enough to mimic a laptop.
* The keyboard isn't backlit

I also have an Apple Magic keyboard in an "origami" case. The case here is just a case for the keyboard ITSELF -- the iPad doesn't "attach" at all. It's just that the keyboard case unfolds in a way that supports the iPad at a decent angle for typing.

I never use this anymore, candidly. The all-in-one nature of the Logitech is too useful. With the separate keyboard, though, you would be able to do portrait if you wanted to.
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