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I’m deliberately cutting down on my sponcon and other advertising content but as a consequence when I really do want some dorky inspiring thing I don’t know where to look. Do you have a recommendation for a day planner that is functional and makes you feel, uh, cool?

I am a sucker for the slightly ironic, Millennial pink, The Wing-style aesthetic. (Yea, I shop at Everlane and take oat milk, what are you gonna do about it!) I remember in the past people saying that Bandier(?) had a great planner but I never took the plunge... what’s your favorite planner that’s stylish but also adds function to your life? Really any size, any make up is fine as long as you give a hint as to why it’s particularly good.

My main idea rn is a bullet journal but I’m a bit afraid I don’t have the bandwidth for all the straight line drawing and decorating. Bujo refs are welcome too though :)

(I see other asks on this topic but since I’m specifically including/requesting planners with a bit of panache I think my Q is slightly different.)
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*, not Bandier
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I use a Hobonichi Cousin, which is the perfect balance between stylish and minimal. They're everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram if you want some examples.
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My Bullet Journal is decidedly NOT decorated (except sometimes I get a whim and start putting stickers everywhere) and definitely does not have straight lines. The original concept doesn't require any of the stuff instagram makes it look like it does.

That said, it's more of a "system" than a "planner" outright, and any "panache" is going to come from using a cool notebook for it.

I'd recommend you check out these:
Passion Planner
Ink & Volt
Blue Sky

All three of those have some structure and some style. Whether or not it's your style is up to you. :)
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I have a planner and I freaking love it. Highly recommend.
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I ordered a Baron Fig Dateless Planner - I tried bullet journaling for a couple years and fount that mostly what I did was draw the month and then the weeks out, and use the format system, but didn't do a lot of fancy art.

The Baron Fig Dateless Planner has blank months and weeks in there, and you fill in the dates and can decorate as desired - you can have a start of any day of the week, this way. It also have a section of dot grid pages in the back for notes, if you need them.

I really like it.
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I feel like the Leuchtturm1917 weekly planner might fit your aesthetic-- I have the plain version in orange, and it's sleek and delightful, but also sturdy with nice paper, with no editorial/inspirational viewpoint (which plagues a lot of planners). Medium version (A5) is most common, I think. If not that, I would second something from Hobonichi.
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I am trying the Clever Fox Planner this year & am liking it a lot -- a good balance between making me think about goals/inspiration/etc. & not being too flowery or hokey or complicated.
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My favourite planner is from Mossery. The undated one allows an option for a monthly planner followed by dot paper (instead of weekly pages) so I can keep a basic calendar and bullet journal in one place.
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There is no measure for the joy my Erin Condren LifePlanner brings me. Vertical layout is brilliant, it lets me plan separately, but together, for different areas of life - I use a square each for "Timing", "Doing", "Cooking", and "Wearing" each day (self labeled, so you can do whatever you need.) It has month layout and weekly, so I can do meal planning and big picture stuff, and micromanage myself all in one nice book. Plenty of room for notes and more. (I guess I'm saying that it is both structured and flexible.)
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I strongly suggest a visit to The planner selection is intoxicating.

Last year I did Hobonichi, which was great, but I think it's a little late in the year because they are dated and many of their covers are sold out. This year, I made my own (not bulletjournal) and everything after putting in the dates takes very little time and is a way of wasting time that feels productive (this is a rec).
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Seconding the Passion Planner, I'm in your demographic and it's a bit of a trend amongst my friends. I've been fully digital in my planning until now and it won me over. Apparently there are free pdfs online that you can handwrite in on an ipad.
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It’s not too late for a Hobonichi! They just released their spring-start planners and restocked their covers.
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Also re the Hobonichi or any other planner "system," it's easy to spend a couple hundred bucks on planner accessories, or to think you need a cute cover that costs $60. You don't (and in fact I'd advise against buying anything except the planner itself until you've figured out your workflow and know what actually works for you vs. what you think is cute and charming but isn't actually helpful for your process). Get a Hobonichi, then get a plastic notebook cover (and make sure it fits the planner you chose); I use the Midori A5 notebook cover on my Hobonichi Cousin, and it's $6. If you want to buy cute things, get a few sticky notes or page markers, then see how it goes for a few more weeks. Developing a system you actually use and that simplifies your life is key -- you can figure out a decorative visual style as you go.
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