Celebrity White Dress Identification
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Watching this week's Project Runway reminded me of a dress that was similar in construction to one of the designer's dresses. Both dresses in question had diamond shaped cutouts at the midriff with knots or twists to help form the diamond shapes. This dress from Lulu's is a similar style.

The dress I'm thinking of was white like the Lulu's one, but the long skirt was sort of shredded and then knotted again at the bottom. Some celebrity, possibly a singer (I thought Paula Abdul, but can't find anything on Google) wore this to an red carpet event in the late 90s/early 2000s. I think whoever wore it said they had designed it themselves? It was widely panned for being pretty ugly, if I remember correctly.

The Project Runway dress tripped this memory and now I can't get it out of my head. Help me find a picture of this dress!
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I’m not exactly a pop culture junkie, but the only thing in which I remember a dress being worn like that was in Waiting To Exhale.
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Of course! That's it! (One of my favorite movies, BTW). I'm thinking of the party scene where Lela Rochon's character wore it. No wonder all my Googling was fruitless. Thanks, Autumnheart!
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That dress was off-the rack from Moschino's Cheap and Chic line.
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