Satellite photography book
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Instagram is full of amazing satellite photography, especially of urban centers, monuments, landscape engineering, so where are the satellite photography books ? Not interested in just nature photography.
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Not exactly satellite, but Alex Maclean is an aerial photographer whose work you'd probably enjoy.
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This one is nice, a spinoff of the ongoing photo blog of the same name
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I was going to recommend Benjamin Grant's Overview as well. But like a lot of books you're going to find it's mostly not satellite imagery, it's aerial imagery, taken from airplanes. Most of what we call "satellite maps" on Google, etc is actually from airplanes. But the straight-down view and large scale is consistent with what an actual orbiting satellite does.

Earth View: Extraordinary Images of Our Planet from the Landsat NASA/USGS Satellites is a book of Landsat images, taken from actual satellites.

NASA's Earth as Art is also interesting. It's free to download and cheap to buy used.
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Not a book, but I want to recommend the Chrome extension "Earth View from Google Earth". It shows a nifty satellite image every time you open a new tab. Cool way to see some unexpected sights.
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