Therapist in Western Maryland or thereabouts?
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I know mefites love their therapy. I've never tried it before, but am strongly considering it. The only way I can hack it is to find the exact special snowflake I would need in order to be able to be that vulnerable, and in order to feel better instead of worse.

Bottom line:
I'm a depressive who is looking for a therapist in Western MD or thereabouts who is an active listener with an ultra-non-judgmental attitude and who does not pressure me to do, think, feel, or believe in any particular thing.

Expanded version:
I've never been officially diagnosed but am sure I have major depression, and have had it all of my adult life. I also have significant trauma issues.

I'd like to not feel quite as deeply shitty as I do and have for the majority of my adult life. I am trying other things (yoga tonight, for example, meh) and possibly want to incorporate talk therapy.

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield, but I don't even really know what it covers in this realm and if I found someone to my liking I'd pay out of pocket.

I am in Western MD but would travel to Southern PA, eastern WV, and central MD. I'd also be open to something online over chat/webcam.

My #1 requirement in a therapist is someone who actively listens without trying to manipulate my thinking (no CBT!). I want to feel heard and validated and understood. I am someone who has frequently felt ignored, minimized, gaslit, invalidated, judged, talked over, cut off, steamrolled, etc. etc. If I feel heard for once and absolutely nothing else, that would be successful therapy, to me.

So I'm looking for Zen, eclectic, humanistic type therapy, and a therapist who is flexible, genuinely open-minded, and does not have their ego invested in any particular outcomes.

I have had life experiences such as doing sex work, that I simply do not mention to anyone irl--even supposedly close friends--anymore because the result is immediate judgement. I want to interact with someone to whom I can mention things like this who is not judgmental and for once allows as how maybe I am the best one to define my experiences. For example, sex work is NOT one of the things that caused me trauma. I would like someone who can accept that and not think they know better than me.
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I have recieved inpatient care (which I know isn't what your asking for) through Psychiatric institute of Washington. They have a fantastic complex trauma program there. They're likely to have lists of referrals in your general area with exactly what you are looking for.

There are therapists out there who can do this. I have seen them just not long term in your area.
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I do not have a specific recommendation for a therapist. But in the way of general advice: is a decent starting point for a search. You can search by specialty, therapy modality, etc.

You can do essentially phone screening interviews with potential therapists. You can and should be as clear and assertive about what you want as you’ve been in this post — their reactions will tell you a lot. If you feel uncomfortable after talking with them on the phone, move on to the next name on the list.
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Sorry you're not getting names. But just FYI, I'd come in with this list of requirements and basically interview prospective therapists about it. You have excellent clarity, and what you're looking for sounds totally feasible to find.
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