Roof leak near gas flue pipe
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2 and 1/2 year old roof leak around gas flue/pipe

I had a new roof installed about 2 and 1/2 years ago. Recently I had a leak that came down through the flue/pipe of my furnace. The leak wasn't catastrophic but it was enough to seep into my brand new furnace and stop it from running. Luckily I noticed it quickly and got both the furnace repair guy and my roofer over asap. The roofer fixed the leak and the furnace guy helped to dry the water in the furnace which is now running as normal.

My biggest question is, should I be concerned about the fact that my fairly new roof sprung a leak? The roofer said extreme heat can cause the flashing to crack. We did have 115 degree weather this past summer. But still...worries me that we had a leak. Does is mean my roof was poorly installed? Any thoughts here are welcome.
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Can you say more about, or post pics of, the flue and area of the roof that was a problem? With types of installations I’m familiar with, it would be almost impossible for a roofing/flashing leak to affect the furnace.
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Does is mean my roof was poorly installed?

I think it does. The extremely hot weather is presumably not unheard of in your area, and an experienced local roofer should be fully versed in how to install a roof that's impervious to that weather. Is the one who fixed it the same one who installed it? If so, I hope he fixed it for free.
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In answer to the first question...I don't have any pics but essentially the pipe/flue that comes out of the furnace and goes up through the roof...the rim surrounding the pipe was compromised. Water leaked right down the pipe and into the crack of furnace straight in to the inside. There was a little puddle of water in there which made it shut off for safety reasons.

As for the second questions...yes the roofer who did the work came by and patched it. No, he did not charge me. He came pretty highly recommended. I'm really surprised to have the leak. He's coming back when it stops raining to once again check to make sure it's all patched. But I do not see any evidence of a leak now.
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FWIW, the flue pipe opening in the roof of our new house leaked. It caused a stain on the ceiling of a bedroom, and I traced the path of the water in the attic to the flue. When I called the builder, he got the roofer to come and fix it. The roofer blamed the HVAC guy.
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Maybe the whole roof was done badly or maybe they just made a mistake flashing this one penetration, we have no way of knowing. One mistake doesn't mean they did a bad job everywhere, and it's a good sign that they didn't give you any crap about fixing it under warranty. I'd have to actually get up on your roof in real life to say more than that. (Assessing the condition of people's roofs is my actual job.) If you want a real answer, call a roofer (not the one who installed your roof, obviously) and pay them to look at it and give you their professional opinion. We can't answer your question from here.
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The roofer came back a second time to recheck the area since we had some dry weather and wasn't out there in the rain. After a second look, it turns out the flashing top or whatever it's called actually wasn't put on correctly. It is now fixed. The roofer seemed genuinely apologetic and was very responsive. So I'm hoping it was just a fluke. Thanks for the replies!
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