Replacement for WebFaction?
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So things are not looking good for Webfaction accounts. The GoDaddy merge seems imminent and reports about CS response lately is bad. I have 1 managed VPS account and about 20 shared hosting accounts I work with.

I have a couple of accounts at DreamHost, but their shared hosting is much more sluggish compared to WebFaction.

Where do I go? My managed VPS needs to be pretty solid.
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Gah, that's supposed to be VPS not VPN. My bad.
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I chose to fire my final two hosting clients and migrate my static site to Seemed like a good time to shut down my barely breathing side gig anyway.

Such a shame that such a great hosting company is being assimilated into the GoDaddy Borg. Have you checked the support forum at Webfaction? There were several threads there of people in your situation discussing their options.
posted by COD at 2:23 PM on January 29, 2019 [3 favorites] They recently changed owners, too, but the service still seems good. In the past they've been solid and stellar.
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Thanks for asking the question - I've been meaning to move on from Webfaction as well because of the GoDaddy thing. My account isn't used much anymore however, mainly because for the last few years I've just been using Digital Ocean and it's been great as long as you're comfortable building your own servers and not looking for hosted Wordpress or whatnot.
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Thanks folks. wasn't on my list yet. Thank you.

This all started with a new client, so I started them a Digital Ocean account, and it looks pretty good so far.
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I've been happy with Pair for maybe 15 years. Their support is super smart and helpful and always available by phone. They (at least used to) have 100% carbon offset power.
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